my whole day is full with activities!!!!

morning till noon - meet friends and family

noon till evening - arranging my preloved online transaction

night till midnight - replying mails and blogging


IM soso TIRED!

but i dont know y! i jz keep on pushing myself!


n ter r thousand of things tat i wana blog about!lolzz

tis is one of the posts tat i will blog in real soon~

da sister ying's birthday!!!!

see the princess!



tats my baby's 8 years old birthday!!!!!!!

her princess dress!!! with superb huge bow at the back!!!! i love love love love it soso much!!!!!



her cutesy cake!!!! the only tat she love about this cake is the rabbit! ha

baby is helping iceice baby to promote their food! ha

bear n babe~

my superb pretty mom with line high waist poofy dress and chanel inspired bag tat i bought for her!!!!

she is so so so pretty!!!! i love u mom!

Iceice baby - Juru autocity (beside starbucks)

me n baby:p


n da last one! my handmade polka dot bow!!! was planning to sell it but unmfortunately the ribbon sold out d~ only left black n white~

anyway, will come out with the same one in black/white polka dot ribbon :p






WEEEE!!!! my red oversize bow basket bag is finally HERE!!!!

owhh...heart the big big big bow so muchi! wakaka

n it is actusally quite big...it is possible for few A4 paper size file..

love the red checkered cloth...oh-so-vintage!

Today's outfit~

da vintage gal :p

did anyone realize tat i jz cut my hair? ehehe


my fringe is a bit different with the previous one...

n i have a plan....about my hair! wil blog it soon!!!!! aha


n guess wat?

Big apple is coming up wit new flavours~!!!!!!! *excited!!!!* ha

i love the left one the most..oat raisin doughnut! healthy rite?


i m soso tired today...stilll...very tired! wakaka

however, i manage to grab some awesome n cheap goodies from Juru auto city flea market!!!!!!!

will share it as soon as possible nehx!!!!

i love them soso much!!!!

especially the tutu skirt!!!!!!!!!arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


nite :p






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