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yeeepie~ finally got time to write tis post~n now i m lazy to write...:( ha

n guess wat? its my first time driving Sherry to Genting!!!!!

so scary! n luckil ter r 2 gentlemen accompany me....i cant make it without them!

n Sherry tyre is dying n i wasnt realize until a minute before we  up to Genting!

luckily we managed to get it done n my car was so dirty until a Taxi driver oso said tat my car looks like didnt wash for a month!

lolzz...i washed ok! its jz tat KL is having raining season! heavy rain almost everyday in tat period!

da DJs...they r so cute la!!! especially wan wai fan! the ngau mo wong so cute n fatish!!! feel like wanna roll her on the floor!!! aahahah

da singers :p

 all star.gif

all star 2.gif

as usual...crowded with ppl...n we have 90 ppl in total to support Andrew! the best time ever...

pic credited to Sam, view more in his facebook --> Samuel Tu


I think i like last year birthday bash more than this year...cz more drama and quite happening ha!

the most interesting part for this year is the sad part *they devided this show into 4 parts, happy, mad, sad, joy*

i cried when the host flying off the snow for the orphans..:(

OMG! i look so pale here! did i jz scare u away?

my eye bag is jz !@#$%^&*(&^%$#@&

having gastric once i reach ter! lolzzz i cant get use to cold weather! still remember tat i m actually fainted last year wen we went for MY FM 10th birthday bash!

da pale queen and pale king! lolzzz my eye bag! :( luckily its getting better now! my god!

dad n mom n my lil sis! see? they are wearing couple tee!!!!!

can we still loving in this way wen we old? will u still hold my hand n said tat i m pretty like my dad always do so?

dont doubt it, i m asking u! hahaha Mr.Bear!

i love this pic!!!! so cute! hahah

our family and our neighbour! they supported Andrew since he come out from Astro talent quest! n their whole family r here to support Andrew tis time! thank you so much! really appreciate it!

the kids is playing with the map! so cute la! did u all know how to read it?

my lil baby is so cute!!!!! i want her eyes!!!!! n she loves the bear so much! which is one of her birthday present by her friend!

she carried almost everywhere she goes! ha


pic credited to Sam, view more in his facebook --> Samuel Tu

wat face is tat huh baby? dont doubt it as well! she knows how to read my blog!!!!!!

nowadays kids are smarter than us!

da MMU-ians! but they r from melacca campus! such a coinceidence tat they r going there for their friend's birthday celebration!

n oso, we have extra tickets! so they join us for the show! thx guys :p Hope tat u guys enjoy the show o~

da 2 gentlemens tat accompany me along the journey to Genting~

pic credited to Sam, view more in his facebook --> Samuel Tu

Mr Sam

n Mr. Tall Gavin Lee --> His blog

owh! i hate this thing!!!!!

 i dont know how they do tis...maybe its b cz of the mirror? it keep on moving left n right! disgusting!


i lagi hate tis ghost ar!!!! he sits there with the same expression without moving even his eye balls!

n suddenly he move n shout on us! walao eh!!!! my heart nearly fell off ar!!!!!

n i accidentally shouted so loud! shame!!!!!!!

da Casual outfit during the 2 days at genting~

#1 da vintage inspired floral bow dress~

guess tat u all see this picture d rite?


#2 old school style~ *not so old actually, consider modern, haha*


#3 my lovely high waisted skirt!



i owned tis skirt for quite a long time..n i m still in love wit it! the quality was superb!


our happy family~ weeee love u all!!!!!!



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