yeah! part 2 is here! but guess wat? its 3.30am now n i m still here!!!

i had been sleeping late since i back from KL! i dont know y...and i use to be very tired in day time!

n before another sea of pictures, i wanna share somethign tats cool! hahaa

did u all know about fourfeetnine?

she is so cute n adorable!

jz found tat adidas actually sponsored them to film some videos!click here n watch it~ :p

n heres the shoots!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee n SHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

pls ignore all the fats k? i m WORKING IT OUT NOW! :( sob!!!!!!

y y y!!!! y  i m not the one who can enjoy the entire life without worry the weight issue! mi009.gif

k la..stop all the crying n lets get it started!!!!! :p









Pregnant? =.=""" i m really regret tat i didnt put any clincher on!

it makes me looks like a pregnant mother! zzz


love the environment! !wink~

DSC05451.JPG DSC05452.JPG

y i look so short here? kaka


we took tis photo by using setting the da bf was too shy to ask someone else to help us! orzzzz


it;s our purple day~


looking out from the restaurant~


DSC05458.JPG DSC05460.JPG  

Trying to be artistic!


ok rite??


still ok...


very good!

but then....ALAMAK zzz


i nearly fall down ar!!!!! haahah see? how stupid i am!!!!

i totally ignore the fact tat i m gonna be fall down soon!orzzzzmi004.gif

luckily i didnt really fell down!!! if not, i dont know wat will happen! so sia sui la! mamamia


n...we went to IKEA after all...


my fringe is long...i makes me look old...but i m kinda in love with it recently...

but anyway, i will still cut it wen i back to hometown.....

hmmm..although i m already at hometown now....n i still havent cut it =.="""




i like tis lamp1!!!!! especially the pink one!!!!!!! but.....


so expensive!!! :( qian nan zhuan ar!!!!!!!


i like the decoration here! wish tat i could have all the frames in my new house later on...


tats all for Tenji....yawning d......nitenite :p

hope u guys love this Tenji post...

ter r still some leftout... n i wish i could write down all the food names if i have another chance!kekeke

n thousands of thx to Mr.Bear for fulfilling one of my dreams! touchtouch! i promise i will be good n obidient for the next few days....hmm i mean,....the next few minutes! kakkaa



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