20 - September - 2009

Pre-birthday celebration~

I've got food poisoning yesterday night...tought that i wil be wearing one of the dresses that i bought recently for my pre-birthday celebration...

unfortunately i didnt got to wear any of them...  mi009.gif

i was so sick..my stomach is so windy...keep on feeling like vomit..

Therefore, all birthday celebration had been cancelled...

A bit down...

After all, Bear sms me tat he will be coming to my house at 9pm..

I started to pack some stuff as he's gonna fetch me to his sis's house..

While i was packaging, i heard tat baby is shouting my name outside..

n Bear is here d...

so, i quickly rush and pack up all the stuff...

n wen i go out to the house, baby hold my hand n said : Jie jie, faster come! i got something to show u...


TADAH!!!!! Happy birthday jie jie! she said, n sing birhday song for me!

owhhh! i m so touch! she is jz a little 7 years old gal! she lighthen up the candles n sing to me!

tats my very first birthday celebration! So happy, excited n touch!!!!


Both of us...we look so FAIR in this photo..thx to the flash! wakaka * I LOOK SO SICK HERE* =.=""

After the small and cutesy celebration, piggy n bear depart to the bear's sister's house...

i m still not feeling well that time...

n i dont know y...i dont feel right...cz bear always look at his phone n always sms..

the first thing is my mind is...is there any gal outside us? haaha so stupid right =.=""

wen we reach the house....i was shocked by the electric cut out!

n then...



OMGG!!! Hello Kitty cake!!!! this year's is way bigger than last year!!!!

its a real Hello Kitty cake!!!!!

ps : dont misunderstand ya! i didnt said tat last year is not good enough k? wakaka Read last year's [post then u will know wat i m saying k?keke


nice right????!!!!! so cute nehx the cake!!! n its a home made brownie chocolate cake!

superb nice n fresh!


hehe! the members!!!! know who he is? his name call ying jun!!!! *ying jun = handsome!* wakakaka


the superb excited me with the superb cute Hello Kitty CAKE!!!!!!!


Ying jun said OUCH!!!!! when i cut the cake!!!!! loolzz u get wat i mean? ahahhaha


yap!!tats bear jiejie~ *bear sis*thank you so much for helping bear to collect the cake!!!

n thank you so much for the pressies!!!!!! love u so much!!! muacks!!!!


Hello Kitty is carrying the bear!!!!

He said this indicates that he will ....*cannot tell la!!!* haaha

ps: Please ignore my pale face k?! I m happy enough like tat!!!! although i didnt got to wear any dress..! i felt clean n fresh!!!reallly appreciate with wat u guys do to me!!! thank you so much!!!!! lovelove

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