21 - September - 2009

Birthday celebration~

Destination 3 : Obake-ya  4a3669bee6819.gif

yeah~ Its my birthday night~*EXCITED*

Here's my birthday dress~


Still remember this dress?Its now mine!!!one of my birthday presents~ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The photoshoot!!!! EXCITEDDDD!!! He was very tired after all! but i still begging him to take all the pictures for me~ although i m very tired too~

jz wanna keep it as a memory :p



More photoshoot this time~ kekek cz its my birthday~ weee

we shoot this after the Prison Break Dinner~ my hair shouldn't be like this~all fell down =.=""


After da small tour in Toy Museum, we went to da small prison restaurant~ - OBAKE-YA


i was shocked when he brought me here...cz its really *prison* n *ghosts*


OBAKE-YA~ a japanese restaurant in penang with Prison theme~


a bit scary actually...i really scared those ghost thingy! the whole restaurant is so dark!~


mama! i wanna go back home! haha


oh so prison...




tats the wall beside us...


see tat gal? she is so pretty!!!!!! chinese + japanese~ really cute! i no dare to take nearer picture of her! aah

but i can assure u tat she is super pretty!


our seats~


small bridge to the toilet~a bit scary cz the bridge will shake wen u walk through it...


the toilet~


the prison-kind sink~ haha

the environment is kinda scary... hehe Mr.Bear calmed me down n assured that the food will change my mind..



its really dark there~ i can merely see the menu...

Here comes the food! ITS...........................delicious!!!!!!!


special drink from Obake-ya~ taste a bit like zhe zhu nai cha..pearl milk tea i guess~ *direct  translate* =.=


steak grilled salmon~ a MUST TRY dish!!!! the salmon was so fresh n crunchy~ i think they fried it before they grilled it~ really nice!


da japanese pizza / Okonomiyaki
! this reminds me about Soon Meng~ wakak! he made this pancake for us during new year celebration this year~



salmon onigiri~ RM4 each! the rice was a bit soft~ not those hard one~ but i prefer this one cz easier to swalllow...n u wont feel over flooded..


Mr. Bear's favourite~ their wasabi is more spicy than others~ n i think thats one of their homemades too~


chicken katsu don! the best chicken katsu don tat i ever had~ *i mean, for now*

the chicken freshly fried, crispy n not too oily! n again..their rice is softer compare to other japanese restaurants~

i dont know it should be hard or soft..but i think i kinda like their rice~


i love this part of my dress :p




our hair was long....we went for hair cut few days later~

Destination 4 : desert time~4a3669bee6819.gif

one of the famouses in penang~ keke


milk tong sui? i think its nice~ u guys should try it!


 tats my hairstyle for the night~ mi013.gif

we end our night at Coffebean at gurney there..

a wonderfull n unforgettable birthday~

i never know tat we had been to so many places until i blog it out....

n it all happened in a single day!!!

from old house, penang tour, toy museum, obake-ya, mat tou yao n coffeebean~

i love this day...n i would never forget it!!!

thxxx.....for everything :p

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  • khailing
  • i remember that pancake that soonmeng made! why it's called japanese mooncake ah?
  • hhaha i really siao liao!!!! yesterday i was busy preparing yue guang hui for da night n writing this post once i have time! cz i cannot tahan liao! too many days din update blog!! hahah manatau i really siao liao, write japanese mooncake!! haha it should name japanese pizza or Okonomiyaki~ keke

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/04 12:28 回覆

  • Ellyn
  • i juz noe so there're so many nice places in penang huh...^o^
    juz been there for once actually...><
    next time muz go there seek for a lot of delicious foods and special restaurant!!

    next time intro more huh...
  • hehe actually i dont know oso de! da Bear do a lot of research before i went back here! keke really got a lot of food n interesting places!!!! tell me wen u come! bring go n eat around!! haha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/04 12:29 回覆

  • winnaa
  • nice polka dots dress my dear ^^
    haha..penang is just a small place but it's full of interesting places and the most important is delicious food!! hehe =D
  • hhe yalo!!!! very hard to resist!! very hard to start my diet as well =.=""" keke

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/06 11:33 回覆