This is da Hello Kitty birthday last episod..

hmmm...i felt a bit touch after all...

especially this post birthday celebration...

we actually should celebrate it before my 22th birthday...i mean a day before 092109

but due to several had been postponed to 2 days after my birthdaY...which is 092309...

Its a different one...

mom said tat she wants me to have an unforgettable 21....touchtouch

although i m appreciate enough wat they have done to me last year..

still remember there was a heavy rain tat night...but mummy still insisted to organize a birthday celebraiton for me...

she bought the fried mihun while raining....touchtouch..i know...she loves me...she loves both of us..hmm 4 of us...

me, bro, babe, n Bear!~

she said...this cake not only for me...but Bear too!!! cz Bear didnt cut the *key* while he was 21 too~ ekeke


da little family party~ can u imagine da cake's size?


tadah!!!!! yeah!!! I'm still 21~ kekek *it should included Bear's name there...but the sifu's son rub off both of our name...n they only remember one here's the result =.=""*






i like the cake's design...n it taste so nice!!!!


ligthened up the cake~


see my little babe beside me~ haha she curicuri stand behind me..lolz


my family~ n everyone..tats my stupidest face without make up! lolzzz

ppl use to said tat i have the same eyes with my dad n have the same nose n face shape with my mom~ keke is tat true? i guess yes~ ha





da 21ss~


uik~ tats my pretty kakak~ nice right? keke

the white colour thing at the bottom right is one of the famouses here~ MAYONG~ keke

i love Mayong since i was small!~ its an indian islamic food i guess~ keke


Here ends my birthday episods~

another unforgettable memories~


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