I've been a dumb....

Really thx to all of u...all ur wishes n pressies!~ especially those greeted from abroad..

n those who send me pressies specially for me through post!!!~

i've been a dumb...i should have blog tis out right after i received it!~ but i didnt!

Busy is not an excuse!~

n i took 2 months to complete Michele's birthday pressie!!!!! i;m really a dumb!!!!

n oso...i took 1 month to complete Kim's birthday pressie!!!!!! I'm a super dumbdumb!!~ :(


I really hope tat u guys wont mad with me k?

I really wu sim de!!!! not bo sim k?


Really thank you all for the pressies!~

First one...my bf..my parents...n my bro...


yeap~ tats from bro~ he gave me a lot of pressies!~

there r still a lot not included in this pic...like helping me to upgrade my blog...

gave me a sony camera which i reallly really love it!

YSL perfume...

Saisaki buffet....

n lots more!!!

i dont know how should i thank you bro...

love you sososossossosososososo much!!!!!!


weeee~ tats one of them!~ i kinda fall in love wit laura mercier's products d!~

i'm not tat kind tat willing to buy expensive cosmetics~ as i have no INCOME!!! =.=""

n i really glad n thx to bro, bf n bf;s sis for giving me so many cosmetics tat i might cant afford to buy it!!~

i've got a lot of cosmetic pressies tis year! n they r all my love one!!!~

thousands of thank you..


Another lovely one specially from Peishi!~

she pretended to visit me at Station 1 cafe!~

n she stayed until midnight....after we finish our songs....

i really touch gal!!!~ i never knew tat u r hiding a present with u until u gave me 

n i lovelovelovelove it so much!!!!!!

thanks thanks thankssssss!!!!!

u r too great to me!!!~

love u...



Poofy skirt from KIM!!!!!!!!!~

I m gonna cry out louddddd!!!!!

i m so touch!!!!!

n i was so surprise wen i saw a pos express envelope during my shopping ban period!

i requested her to make one for me previously...

n she told me tat its out of stock tat time...

kinda dissapointed tat time!

cz i really love her handmade stuff !

n wen i tot ter isnt any hope then....the surprise came up!!!~

i really wanna thank you gal!!!!

i was the one who suppose to send ur pressie first!

but i havent send it until today!!!!

i'm a DUMBDUMB!!!!~

however, i m sending it out on Monday! hope u like it k? so sorry gal!!!!

Kim's label peplum*clickclick*~

tat's her version!~

homade pale pink poofy skirt*with exposed zipper!!!!!*excited*

View more at her blog~

Trust me, U will love her blog!!!~

She's the first fashion blogger tat i fall in love to!~

view her blog almost everyday!~ wakaka

Feed her n u will know wat i'm saying!~


thank you gal!!!! i really love the skirt!!! it fits me so well!!!!!!!

i love it soso much!!!!!!!hellokittyicon.gif

n Last but not least.....

From Pohsian xiao mei~~~~!!!!!!

she's another cute blogger tat i meet through blogsss....

it;s amazing tat i can actually make friends through blogss..

especially kim n poh sian!~



tats wat my feeling right now!!!!!!

MAc Hello Kittty!!!!

i was dying to get one!!!!

but i can;t afford any!!!!!

n bro jz said tat he will buy for me if i let him know tat time!!!

n its all out of stock wer its impossible for us to get any for now!!!!!!

thank you xiao mei!!!!~ love u:p hugs hugss

thank you all!!!!!!!

n oso....Shirly Hii Pei Sui...who just celebrated her 21st birthday!!!!

HAppy birthday n really thx for the 1 day shopping n Subway ya!!!!!

love u n miss u so much gal!!!!!

thx thx thx..thousands of thx...

i dont think i deserve all this...

but i appreciate it!!! really...thank you so much!!!

i'm really touch..

thank you...




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  • kiM
  • you're welcome girl..Nice photo shoot!!!! glad that u love it and thanks for the compliment im not tat good lar..hahha but so good ler..ur bro give u so many pressie i oso hope to have a bro a sis like urs...
    nvm for the present lar dear..is ok..i give u the skirt just for friendship..:D
  • sh13ngs14n
  • Dear~谢谢您喜欢我送给您的礼物唷!!
    知道您喜欢Hello Kitty,也知道您很想拥有MAC Hello Kitty的限量商品
    能买的就只有这几样,唇蜜送给了Shelly,这个则想送给您 =)
    其实我也很高兴能在部落格中认识许多的朋友,尤其是您和Khai Ling
    所以您别不好意思或客气!!不然我可是会生气的唷!!! XDDDDD
    因为我早在还没经过你们的同意前,已把您们当作是我的好姐妹 XDDD