Sherlyn is goin crazy b cz....


#1 She had imsomnia for 3 days...

#2 She lost RM600 in a day....

#3 She have yet to receive her pay cheque neither from station 1 nor Citibank....

#4 She wants to get rid of her panda eyes but FAILED...

#5 She hate the emotional weather..

#6 She have yet to do any fashion diary nor DIY ribbons =.=""

#7 She is jz wake up after 2 hours nap :(

#8 She is hungry + headache + soar throat + stomache RIGHT NOW =.=""

#9 She needs more money for suit....colour lense n hair cut =.="""

#10 She is crazy right now =.="""


My first ever SUPER DUPER EMO post! =.="""


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  • Janice
  • hopefully there will be rainbow after the rain =) cheer up darl! at least you are back to uni (since you mentioned before you're exicted to go back uni, so i assume you like going back to uni)!
  • thank you so much nehxxx!!!! ya!!! i m really happy now!!!love uni life so much!!! but anyway....i jz bac for 3 days...havent start anything yet....but still ..i think uni's life is way better than working life! oh goshh....ekeke...ohya...visited ur blog! u have a nice blog nehxxx i love ur room!!!! n oso ur DIYss!!!!! how i wish i have time to DIY myself a studded top/dress/skirt maybe? keke

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/28 22:27 回覆

  • Misha
  • Yr car 's wide screen should hv under insurance coverage ya .... check with the one who did yr car insurance and roadtax .. that is 100 % free replace .
  • no leh :( i asked d!!! the fellow said i didnt buy tat insurance tat time :( sadddddddddd

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/28 22:30 回覆

  • rubylim
  • 1)imsonia....mayb u've too much pressure dear try to do some exercise to recover it ^^
    2)RM 600...i agreed with misha since sherry is only 6 months old should be under warranty try to check it our dear....
    3) is goin to month end soon if thereafter still din get rmb to chase them up!!!hahaha
    4)panda eye...mayb the first thing above resolve mayb panda eye will disappear too...ya ^^
    5)emotional wheather...hahaha cant control n cant help uuu..XP
    6)to do fashion diary nor ribbon...just try to arrange again ur schedule lol..sure got time de..ok?haha
    7)slept 2 hours...hahaha i know why...u know i know...
    8) eat thing my dear dun make it until bcom gastric
    headache+sore throat+stomache...rmb to take medicine and take rest
    9)need money...hahaha is time to learn saving money my dear so that all this can be done
    10)be crazy...hahahahahahahahahaha lol...
    just to say take care my wat u told me...
  • wahhhh u so geng nehx! wkakaka~ haha k gal~ i promise! i will take super good care! especially my healthy =.=""" ~ wakakak thx a lot nexxx~ hugshugs

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/28 22:33 回覆

  • kiM
  • poor girl! starting sem only ya! dun let these unhappy things make you down k! wht happen with the mirror?suddenly broke or wht? hope you're fine and happy as before!give you a hug!

    oh ya i got e pressie d!thanks so much!! i din expect for anything in return! anyway i get ur heart love the bow and the angel wing thingy its now in moo moo(my car)hehe..
    cheer up!!!!
  • heeh thx a lot o gal!!! hmm actually it cracked while i was driving in high way...maybe its be cz of those small stones... sob....n thx gal hug hug hug back!!!! ~ n glad to hear tat u like it! i have a terrible talent in DIY! zzz wakaka n i have tat angel wing in my car too! kekek its so cute right? keke
    anyway.. thx again...n really glad to meet u here...~ saw ur blog lately too~ hope tat u will cheer up tooo ya gal!~ gampateh kudasai!!! :p n n n ...i super love ur new layouts!!!!!!! wanan mail u last 2days...but didnt make it due to the lack of internet connection~ will mail u later regarding blog design ya :p keke

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/28 22:44 回覆