Not-so-pinkish BUT quite-tidy room~


Tadah~ space behind blue curtain is my dressing room!!!~ WOW! ive got my OWN dressing room!!~

although it's small n fake la~ wtfish


n....wen u open up the curtain, u will see a clothing rack, 5 doors wardrobe and a small make up heaven~


This little dottie sea blue curtain is from 100 yen, which means, only RM4.90 each!! CHEAP RIGHT?

however, it is too light n it doesnt really work as a curtain...*its not it's job though~ keke as it's a shower curtain*

but anyway, Bear thought one idea to transform it into a PRO curtain~


just clip it n tat's all~


clothing rack~i never seen this kind of rack before. It's portable n easy to set up. No nails or hammer or screw driver needed. The only thing tat u have to do is just extend it until it touches the wall n floor.   DSC06267.JPG

tat's my little make up heaven~ really enjoy sitting ter n dolling up myself~ 

although its been a long time  i didnty get to doll up myself due to lack of time :(


Here are all those that i love most!~really love this cosmetic box!~

the first time i found tat i'm a tidy person!~ wakakak


My lovely hairbandssss!!~ i'm crazy with any kinds of hairbands, although i didnt really got the chance to wear them always~

Clinchers, sashes and waist belts~


necklaces, headbands, bangles, brooches ++


Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons~Bows, bows, bows~


Junk food heaven~ wakaka

I love the curtain so much...It's not in pink though...but the quality is really good! n the most important's not mine =.="" looks a bit messy here~ but its still acceptable cz my room is not so big tat kind~


My table~ too many things le la! i've shifted the accesories box under the clothes rack so that it wont be so occupied.


my lappieeeeeeeeeeeee~


n tat's all!~

tat's my little world ter~ hopefully all stuff remain clean n tidy until the end of the semester =.=""

n i tell u WAT!

P1 WiMax connection SUCKSSSS!!!!

It tooks me 24 hours to attach a picture through my mail! n the worst thing is, it dosn't succesfull!!!

walao.......waste my time nia!!!!!

We are finding a solution here cz there isnt port left for us in sk!!


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  • khailing
  • wah cant wait to visit your room... got place to 招待 guest or not?
  • SURE got la!!!!lolzzz wakak! oi! i MUST see u this week leh!!! wkaka

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/02 02:59 回覆

  • cheryl
  • waaa nice :) where you get the accessories box that you put your hairbands, eyeshadow and lipgloss?
  • hehe thx~ da hairbands one is from old blossom box n the eyeshadow one is from Penang*no brand* n da lip gloss one is a gift~ u can go S&J, they have a lots of nice box nowadays :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/02 03:03 回覆

  • Ellyn
  • omg~~~i like ur accesories...especially the hair band...i love to wear hair hands...=)
  • hehe i know i know!!! always saw u wearing hair band in ur blog! wow! we really have lotsa similar interest nehx~ eg like i love singing n hairbands n coinceidently u too!!! :p keke~

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/02 23:43 回覆

  • Ellyn
  • yaya..indeed~~~hehee..XD..i find it too...we share lotsa similar time u come malacca muz tell winnna and me huh...hopefully we can meet...=p
  • haha yalo! sure gal! will surely date u both pretty gals out! :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/05 00:47 回覆