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我没说:!*—·*(—·)(*—……%¥##¥—*—#·酱他也知道 =.=""


i cried each time i watch it....




23/11 1680276941uz9bw8.gif


mi016.gif mi016.gifmi016.gifmi016.gifmi016.gifmi016.gifmi016.gifmi016.gif



21/11 1680276941uz9bw8.gif

I've got a return from the risk...

jz bac from exam,finally one paper down...

not to cheer yet..cz 2 more coming in next week n its in a continous based...

n aslo, the queen kong no long queen kong...

she is SICK!

i'm not feeling well for few days d...especially in the night...da CH is torturing me..*ColdnHeat*.


one thing to share here is...finally i ve got my lacey DRESS!!!!

n to my surprise....it fits me well, neither too short or too small!

ngam ngam~ excited!!!!

now waiting for lovely clincher...

n ohya..i will not be dressing up nicely duting this period..

therefore, i oso dont know wats the purpose i bought this dress =.=""

maybe it can help me to release stress?

yes! it does!!!

n tonight will another night at Studio x!

its a small bar wit ppl full in passion!

love their hands but afraid of the night...czi  have to travel there at 10pm n bac at 1am =.=""

oopsss...i m very hungary leh!! anyone can tell me where can i get pure white porridge in cyber n sk area?

i cant cook cz no stove :(


19/11 1680276941uz9bw8.gif

I'm taking risk!~


pic credited to girl about town

i love this cutie lacey dress....from the bottom of my heart...*ngekngek*

but it's 76cm length....a LITTLE bit TOO short for me..

but i still buy it =.="""

ive been a long time did not shop online!*SG.WANG ALWAYS**ngekngek*

n this Ms.Lacey keep on calling me like the one shown in the shopaholic movie...

n i can;t stay anymore....JUST GO FOR IT! yuhhhhoooooooooo

the most important thing is...they have a great service!!!!1

so no matter i can wear o not! i will still love their blog!!!~



n n n n n n n


i love this belt!!!-click


walao eh! so tempting le wei!

n i found it in Malaysia!!!!


FYI, this girl is from LAS VEGAS, a taiwanese name Stacy, here's her blog

she used to share a lot of *BOW theme clothes* that i lovelovelove!!!!

bump there n see see ba!~


ps: Stacy,不要骂我偷link你的部落格哦!真的太喜欢你蝴蝶结studded腰封了!










18/11 1680276941uz9bw8.gif


Last month pic =.=

time past so fast!!!!!!!!

n ter r 2 ppl said tat i look like penguin today =.=""

cz tats the shirt i wear today with my happy go lucky harem pant =.=

ive been really busy these few days n it will still be the same until next wednesday nite =.=

performance + assignments + exams = f.a.i.n.t

seee u next wed ba~ :p

ps: i love my recent DIY! inspired by violet!!! a bit Hime + Vintage tat kind of feeling!~ lovelovelove~

12/11 1680276941uz9bw8.gif

12 days diary update~


had been busy lately! examsexamsexamsassignmentsassignmentsassignmentsclassclassclass

n i dont know wats wrong me recently...i slept a lot!

on the day time =.="

n wen comes to the night time, ill surely have imsomnia =.=""

n tis is wat i do wen i dont sleep!


yesterday night =.="

i can't sleep! walk here walk ter, try here match there, n even pecahkan satu RM1.90 cawan kesayangan Mr.Bear =.=""

i was trying to take pictures by myself *without bear* n tat's my SUPERLY LOVIE TUTU SKIRT!!!!

pls ignore the tualas and laundry bag! jz focus on the tutu k?

i bought it way cheaper than wat i saw online! can bargain somemore!

they have it in 3 colours..but i ended up buying the black one only cz tis is the only one which wont makes me look fat =.="""

n tat's how i look in spec! n for sure, i wont let u guys to see it! hahaha cz i look damn stupid n ugly!

tat's y! dont come to my house at the midnight or else i will scare u away! ahah~

n here's my very-long-time-no-see-n-nearly-become-a-member-of-u-can-own-my-love ruffle top dresssssssssss!


ruffle top dress from P&CO!

it's been sometime i love tis top much!

it was kinda expensive wen i bought it! RM99 =.="

i can buy 3 tutu skirt liao lo!

hahah but anyway, i still love it la!


a blazer jacket is totally awesome for our winter class! i dont whether is my problem or the uni problem. I feel cold all the time =.=""


ohya! my surprise! i found tat the shoulder part ter become *MJ style* when i pair it up with this ruffle sleeve! wkakaka~ the ruffle boost it up n made it look like there is shoulder pad in it! it's not very obvious though!~ =.="

k k ~ later update more! taking picture =.=""

ps: i saw one shoulder pad dress veryveryveryvery nice de at Ms. Selfridge! but i didnt got to try it! cz i know if i try will be equals to buy! so i rather go IKEA for meatballs! wanan save up money for graduation trip! dont ever wanna buy those trendy but no-occasion-to-wear-clothes! even those impulse-purchase-clothes! =.="

1/11 1680276941uz9bw8.gif

WAH!!!!!!!!!! SO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!November d nehx! lolzzz..

Tomorrow i'm goin bac to uni for yoga class! oh-so-nervous! cz i choose the advance class! mamamia~

anyone joined? or wanna join?

Tmw FIT ATRIUM 8-9pm. 4a2d4120c8da7.gif

Don't know whether my bone will crack  o not!mi004.gif

ohya, finally i ve got my DIY DONE! it;s totally simple n easy n unchallenging wtfish

will show u guys tmw or Tuesday!~


ohya, finally i ve got my first n ever colour lense!

had been tried out Freshkon Bigger eye in Black, the effect was AWESOME!

Therefore, planning to try out some other colours~

guess wat colour i bought tis time?

well, no need to guess...cz u will see me wearing it tmw!!! weeeemi013.gif

ohya, finally i ve found da magic eyeliner which doesnt smudge AT ALL when my eyes goes teary!

n it's a bit blue-ish tat kind..not too black~

ohya, finally i ve found the nail colour tat i wan! gonna start with basic nail polishing n then proceed to manicure!

ohya, finally i ve succesfully mark down my expenses in tis 3 days! n guess wat! i overspent mi004.gif

i should spend RM15 on food each day, but i failed...i ate pappa rich as my lunch n subway as my dinner.

pappa rich RM12 mi004.gif n subway around RM 10, so it's RM22 mi004.gif

I'm gonna improve it soon! no worries! wakaka~

ok~ chao~ tmw class again! pheeeeeeeewwweeeeeeeee

ps: ppl keep asking me, y am i use nehx so often? izit becz i love japanese language?

oh no! i dont even know tat i use tat word so often! n i dont even know wer i learn tis word from! mi004.gif


pps: i jz watched MJ's This is it!!!! OMGGGGGG! IT's awesome!!!!! love n miss him lotttzzzz!

almost cry in the cinema! mi009.gif

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  • winnaa
  • haha..i give myself some budget too..which is only RM15 on food per day, then i save up the rest of the money in other place if i didn't overspent..and it really works nehx..kekexx..=p
  • haha yaya~ tats wat i do so~ kekke hope it really works la! haha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/12 23:36 回覆

  • irenebabe
  • help..hehe

    hi dear, where u get the tutu skirt??i also want to buy.. i want to wear it during my bday...is kinda near the date ad, but i still cant find it...
  • i got it from sg.wang gal~ :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/18 22:17 回覆

  • irenebabe
  • do u ming to tell me SW which floor??thx
  • irenebabe
  • mind**
    which floor n which shop..
    thx!!! 2moro going to sw search for it...
    bday coming soon..i scare no dress to wear..haha..
    thx ya!!!
  • 6th floor i guess....cz i m not so familiar wit the shops name! got too many shops ter~ ahaha but i think is 6th floor :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/19 12:52 回覆

  • Janice
  • arggh!!!! that studded belt that you mentioned!!! omg omg omg. really really pretty =( where did you found it (in msia i mean)? i want grab one too!
  • keke yaya! u should go grab one too!!! :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/20 01:55 回覆

  • Qreez
  • gal, where u get the black blazer jacket ya?
    is it a straight cut blazer or?
  • tis blazer is a bit body-shaped de i think..hahaha n i got it from one-u ground floor, its not a very branded shop, they got sell normal clothes de, 2 shops combined together into one shop de..hmm i think sunway asia avenue tat floor oso got, in front of nike tat one~ i forgot the name le~ sweat la!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/20 01:57 回覆

  • irenebabe
  • thanks babe...
  • welcome gal~ anyway, did u manage to find it? :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/21 16:41 回覆