Colour lense is part of my wish list tat i never got the courages to buy a pair for myself plus my financial problem really dont allow me to do so!

Therefore, this month, i'm gonna control my finance well so  tat ter WILL BE a lot of strikes in my wish list!mi017.gif

Here i go!~1216031513.png



I choose FreshLook as i heard a lot of good comments about this brand~

Amethyst AKA violet is the colour tat i wish most~

Besides, another reason that i choose this colour is bcz the seller said it's more natural compare to others.

I have yet to have the courage to try out others more obvious colours, therefore, i pick it as my final decision~

ohya, before u choose a colour lense, u can try to ask around ur friends who have similar skin tone with u n who has lotsa experience on colour lense. There are a lot of colour lenses outside ter such as GEO, SUPER NUDY n etc.

However, i dont think all of them r being approved by Jabatan Kesihatan M'sia or whoever in charge of this.

FreshLook will be a safer way for beginners n oso expert, i GUESS!~ wakaka



The outer layer is a bit black so tat it can bring up the bigger eyes effect~


Ive NO COURAGES to show u guys my stupid face with spec! cz i look ugly till ~!@&*&@!@&*&^$# =.=""


So, this is the result....i doesnt appeal much in this picture...but anyway...i look quite obvious when i remove all my make up! n i was once wanted to blog it out....but Bear said tat it was a disaster!!! wakaaka  


ps : i've finally get rid of my BB cream due a lot of bad comments n experiences! but anyway, i still havent found another replacement for it! had been tried out Benefit's you rebel lite~ see the picture below.

It's really good on our skin, very smooth n it smells well!~

Not so thick n therefore the effect not as good as my Skin Food BB cream.

Will write another post to differentiate them *if i have time la* haha~

k, chaossss~ nitenite~


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  • emily
  • yoyo

    I got also
    But damn seldom use
    because it always make me headache.
  • really? maybe u bought the wrong power? keke

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/03 17:10 回覆