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I love this top!!!!!!1680276941uz9bw8.gif *

Looking for this kind of bows for quite sometime but there isn't any blogshop selling it anymore!

Therefore, i decided to do it myself using those extra ribbons~

n here comes my ribbon long top~


DSC06363.JPG DSC06364.JPG

I clipped those bows before i sew it so that the bows were aligned properly.

DSC06370.JPG DSC06371.JPG

weeeee~ It's DONE!~ 4a3669bee6819.gif 4a2d4120c8da7.gif

really simple n easy DIY!

M gonna play around with this long top!

especially with tutu skirt tat i jz bought!!!!!

ohya, did i jz say tat?

I've finally bought the tutu skirt tat i wan in really really really really really long time!

It was god damn hard to find!!!!!!


I'm happy!!!!!!4a2d4120c8da7.gif

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  • ~L~ing
  • ribbon

    i saw many ribbon's hairclips in forever 21 today... u may have a look if u r interested... the prices are quite reasonable i think. all less than rm10 if nt mistaken...

    ur t shirt is cool! :)
  • o really? GREAT!!!! cz i'm heading to Sunway tmw!!!~ weee~ keke thx for informing nehxx!~

    n thx for the compliment!~ i love tis top much too~ * Bow addicts* =.=""

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/06 00:42 回覆