heeeeeeeeehaaaaaa~ It;s my first time writing about nailssssss!!! EXCITEDD! mi013.gif 

I'm not really good on it! But i have the HEART! the BIG BIG HEART!!!! with small small money n small small time mi017.gif


Tadah!!!!!! i know! it might looks a bit disaster...but i love it!~n i would rate it 8/10 seriously! wakka 

cincai la! Give me some motivation k?~ haha

I'm still learningggg~


Here's my recent buy!!! Pink exposed zipper dotties handset cover, Rimmel #21 glitter pink nail polish and Majorlica Majorca's liquid eyeliner~1216031513.png


I love this colour much! i mean, before i use =.="" da colour on the samples are so nice!


n..it turned out like tat! :( i'm not really like it cz it makes my finger look so DARK! although it's dark in fact!~

but us gals always love to look fair right?

n therefore, i was thinking, shall i jz top it with another colour?



n i found this...the face shop's OR204 glitter little red nail polish!

i only have 4 bottle of nail polish..n 2 sets of them r in the same colour =.=""

which is pink n glittery red..

i love my previous one from skin food! the pink is smooth n nice!!! 

n this is my second love...from the face shop..

what can i say is..the face shop's nail polish really cheap n nice! especially for poor student like me 4a3669bee6819.gif


Tat's the result!!!~

First, put on basic pink, then polish 1 layer of glitter little red start 2/3 of ur nail, continue this action further n further n then emphasize more glitter little red at the top of the nail...do it layer by layer~ then it will be DONE!~




n n n ...Tat's MY new hp POUCH! owh LOVING IT!~

However, it's really expensive la wei!

i was considering to choose one from 2 choices n i saw the price tag of the other one is RM9.90..

n very stupidly, i tot this would have the same price too...manatau...when she packed n pass to me, i found tat it's RM17.90!

WALAO eh!!!!!! Very expensive le!!!!!i'm saving money de!!!! never tought of buying one pouch which will be more than RM10!

sorry la, i'm a bit stingy recently! not a bit lo! IS VERY! wakakak cz i'm saving for year end trip! sobbb

nvm la~ jz wanna share wit u guys da very-lovely-but-expensive-pouch!1216031513.png




i put a small cloth there so tat i can

Hope tat u gals will like it nehx!


ps: I've the same tought with precious...it;s been quite sometime...not just today...maybe i will do tat also...hmm...don't know~

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  • Sarah
  • Is the MM liquid eyeliner good? I like to paint my nails too and I face the same problem with you about light nail colors that makes my hands look dark. So sometimes I will just paint a dark color on my nails. It makes my hands look clean and fair =)
  • hihi~ hmm the i jz started to use the MJ's liquid eyeliner...actually it;s really waterproof, won't smudge easily, plus, its wont be so hard to remove when u accidentally draw it wrongly compare to my Kate Gel eyeliner~ n yes...the pink really makes my hand look so dark! i;m gonna find fuchsia instead of pink next time~

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/06 00:52 回覆

  • khailing
  • noooo you cannot!
    btw remember to remove my blog link ah...
  • it keep on changing...not decide yet..=.="" n..can i jz leave it ter? *blinkblink eyes* cz it stands something tat i berat hati to remove it! haha
    will remove it wen i'm ok can o not? wkaka

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/07 01:37 回覆

  • theng
  • hey gal ..
    erm i also facing the same problem tat if some light colour will make my hands looks dark and dirty ... maybe u can try nude colour ...
    I got try one nude colour tat doesn't make my hand looks dark and dirty , in face make me looks fairer .. =) keep it up oh ..
    nice nails =)
  • Nude colour? wow! gonna try it next time! thx a lot o gal! i will work harder next time!:p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/07 01:35 回覆