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longlong hair!~

After~ phewwwww! SO RINGAN! VERY Syiok!!!! hahaha

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i think i look like precious ckl in this picture!~


i should curl it before i put on my hairband! but anyway..i jz lazy to do it now~




the only picture after so many months n tats the only picture tat i show a very super tak syiok face to him cz he was being seduced by others! pek chek la! i tell u wat! lao niang gen ni ping le! HE IS MINE!!!!!!!blekkkkkkkk





ps: i didnt cut la!cheat one!learned from Cheeserland! muahaahha!!!!!!cheat one la!

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  • rubylim
  • gal, nice hair style lol...even not big different when see it throuhg pix ...
    but can feel 'ringan' n short bit liao ...hehe nice nice nice! ^^
    oh no...some 1 seduce ur mr bear neh...dun worry
    dun pek chek ok....gen ta ping le!!! i'll support u...wakakakakaka
    tell mr bear dun buli u hor...if not i will......willl.....will.....wont'fong guo'him ya...XP
    hahahahahah......gambateh kudasai!!!
  • ahaha thx thx thx! but then hor...i actually didnt cut! haah tipu de! i keep my hair behind~ hahaha i wish to cut it short! but no courages! n too sayang my long hair d~ so i jz kisiao n play around wit it! haaha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/13 00:54 回覆

  • khailing
  • walao where got look like me u look much prettier... and i really thought u cut ur hair coz ur twitter said cut also. Cheat one!!!
    you write the seducing one like this then everyone will go and ask ang who seduced him hahahaha btw you must 知己知彼,百战百胜 k!!

  • aaahahahh actually tat one oso a bit cheat de! not really seduce...but got gal praise him! i very tak syiok lo!!!!n i tot i really look like u in tat pic de leh! mamamia~ wkaaka

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/13 01:14 回覆

  • rubylim
  • aham....cheating leh...kakakakaka....
    actually me too...still considering change a new hair style...
    but havin 'sum dai sum sai' hehehe...
    worry tat very ugly after cutting it...XP
  • haha yala!!!! me too! haizzz! always like pengecut! i went to 3 hair saloons at the same day n runaway =.="" haiz macam mana ni! :(

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/13 01:16 回覆

  • Janice
  • haha! i dont think you will be able to cut so short lor. can see that you sayang your hair alot. if my hair is that long and nice, i also sayang to cut.

    btw, i dont think you need to worry about mr. bear lor. he so sayang you, only you can become his mrs. bear. =)
  • hah yaa tats y! sob! but i really wanted to change my hairstyle! =.=" hahaa so boring with long hair d keke maybe i should jz get a curly tong as soon as possible! if not i will only think of cutting my hair n end up running away from more n more saloons! muahahah

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/14 14:43 回覆