love this picture~ i changed my earing after that cz i thought i WILL be cutting my hair that day! but NOPE!

i FAILED jor! running away from saloon is my pro job recently =.="

i'm very worry la!!!!!!!




MY new phone!!!! lovelovelove1680276941uz9bw8.gif



I've no idea y i name this topic as sunflower4a2d4120c8da7.gif
maybe that's the thing that i first thought when i saw this dress~ keke1216031513.png

It's a vry simple line dress..1680276941uz9bw8.gif

I haven't try this kind of dress before...hmmm maybe yes...the cutting somehow like my floral toga dress~

However, this one is more body hugging YET not very body hugging!    mi004.gif

*I used to be very confusing one! so cincai la! u will see~ wakaak*

DSC06409.JPG DSC06411.JPG 

This dress can be worn in 2 sides. The back part of the dress is one with zipper...

*I though it should be the front side =.=""*

However, it looks damn ugly when i wear the one with zipper in front! cz the cutting bac there is a bit weird if its front~


Image187 ps.jpg

tadah~ 4a3669bee6819.gif FRONT 4a3669bee6819.gif


4a3669bee6819.gif BACK4a3669bee6819.gif

Dress : Sg.Wang RM55.90 *EXPENSIVE LA WEI!!!!!!!*But i love it so much! wat to do wtf

Golden coin chain vintage bracelet : online preorder

Chain bag : Miss Selfridge

Pumps : Vincci

Bow clincher : online

Polka dot earings : Miss OCD


I think i look quite mature in this dress~ don't u think so? :p


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  • Ellyn
  • luv ur outfits so much...whr do u bought the chain bag..i wanna buy that for so long dy...but then i can't find it..T~T...vincci got..but it costs me so expensive!!T^T
  • i bought it at Miss Selfridge gal~ u can find it at various shopping mall in KL~ i'm not sure whether melacca got o not~ but i think there should be one~ it use to be located near topshop n dorothy perkins :p n its around RM123 if not mistaken~ but the quality worth it much! :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/15 14:27 回覆

  • Ellyn
  • hmm..ic...i guess there's no miss selfridge in malacca..T~T
    oh so this kind of chain bag is exactly cost this much huh...
    >3<..hmm..thx for the sharing nyway...=)
  • hehe u r most welcome gal :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/18 22:17 回覆