hihi *wave*


weee~ found another new hairstyle!! hmmm its not much different though =.="""

my skin is terribly emo today! the noon class was too cold while the weather was too hot out there! *out of the freezer class!*

*yeimei named it as Freezer class as u will totally *FREEZE* OUT!!!!=.="


my little baby pink bow shoes that i wear to class today! tats my best one i guess!

*anyway, i love all my ballet flats la! saw cotton on;s one n i m not really into it due to the cutting~i prefer full one rather than those a lil bit steeper at the sides, do u get wat i mean? aaha*

n n n n n n nn ....my first singing video is finally done!!!! * sendiri guna webcam record punya, bukan those very geng chao one =.="" *


i m really really shy in front of the camera! i recorded it for around 15 times? i guess... :(

n i found tat my voice becomes really childish especially when i speak in front of video!

i have wasted quite a lot of time to correct it so tat it will be more matured =.="""

its a very simple yet lovely song...recorded it at 1.30am =.=""

*cannot sing too loud if not later police come diedie lo!*


Today's outing - Mulan@IOI mall *5 star rated movie!*Don't trust me!*



*sun bian* promote my phone a while! muahaahah

finally i've got the chance to wear my little prom skirt!!! *tank top from cotton on!!!!! oh-so-comfy*

my love this colour cz it makes me look really really fair which i m not in reality :(

n oso, seriously, i need a vintage heart-shaped long necklace!!! i feel so empty without necklace!

black + black is still BLACK =.="""


see the poster? shu da lv is coming on this Saturday@sense cafe@8pm!

ohya! the singers are unexpectedly superbly good!!!! they sing so well!

the only problem is, ive totally no idea with all the songs that they sang jz now...*e stood there for about 15 minutes jz to stalk the singers! muahaha*

but they r really really good! n i love the piano n their decoration!

will do a review on it if i have a chance to go there~

*will try to bring the whole menu back again if possible! hahaha*


redbox is recruiting ppl! jz incase u r interested? 1700 receptionist wor! walao eh! quite good nehx!


k la! i know! but i got nothing to do other than ss =.="""


the charges for these few days! really hate public holidays! everything seems so expensive!

but the noon one is quite reasonable..really wish that i can go tmw leh!

its really really really really really long time since i stepped into redbox!!!!!!


ps: my studded bow clincher is finally reached! its a little bit big actually....but i guess i can master it well! will try tmw~ weeee nite:p

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  • Lynette
  • I just love everything of u... so u betta love the uncle in moi blog too *wink wink*
  • ehhe cannot leh! the uncle is really kong bu! i never see ppl eating lizard or pretending to eat....yeeeerrr hahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/27 13:50 回覆

  • Janice
  • buu...just now typed a comment liao, but dunno where it went -__-

    anyway, your singing so nais lor! i guess it runs in the family. cause my family don't have nice singing gene. and also, i got my clincher as well!!! very nice! thank you alot! ngek ngek ngek. abit loose as well, but i guess it's good to wear it if going for buffet. kakaka

    btw, your blazer is so 百搭! good investment!!! =) wth.
  • hhhaaha thankkiuthankkiu..n i received it oso le!!!! its really really really really nice!!!!! gonna wear it next week!!! weeeee~ happy~ n it fits me ngamngam wor~ u r thinner than me! hahahha

    yaya! i totally siao with this blazer recently! wear it almost everyday =.=""" hahaha RM50 only! really worth it!:p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/27 18:00 回覆

  • kiM
  • i love ur voice!!!! so nice~~~ i listen the whole song ler!hahha hehe
    more more video of you singing!hehhe..:D
  • hehehe thxx a lot nehxxx!!!! ur word brighten up my day!!!!!! thxxx keke

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/29 03:32 回覆

  • winnaa
  • hey girl, i miss your voice so so much!! hehe
    nice song from you, looking forward for more ya~^^
  • hehe thx a lot o!!!!!will tryy to make more if Mr.Bear willling to help me play guitar:(

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/29 03:32 回覆

  • sharon bee
  • omg, ur voice is sooooo sweetttt~~~
    nice singing~
  • thankiuuu hughugggggg

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/29 04:38 回覆

  • Ellyn
  • i love this song very much too!!^^
    really nice hearing ur voice..!!
    i heard once during liang wen yin mini concert in mmu..
    look forward for more ya~~hehe..XD
  • thx a lot gal!!!!!!! hughughughughug!!! liang wen yin's concert the most precious memory in my life! wont ever forget that moment!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/11/29 17:18 回覆