Hi hI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAVE STRONGLY!!!! =.=""


i feel so weird as i no longer update so often like that past few weeks!

my life is overloading with the word busy, depress, stress n HAPPY!!!!!!!! =.="

i think i m the most emo-est women in the world =.=""

time past so godddamnnnn FAST!!!!!

1 and a half week to go for my final exam!

i still cant get enough the days in uni!

we dont even have a gathering yet n this semester is goin to end jz like tat =.="""

Yesterday was PePsy's birthday n i really have fun through the night! hope tat she felt happy too!

i think she IS!!!




SOMEONE PROPOSED TO HER~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

muahahahaha wat's ur answer Pepsy? muahaah! n he got no ring for the proposal! so he proposed with his camera instead? =.=""




yeah!!! we went to Bubba Gump@the curve yesterday! its was crowded with people at first! but we r so sososososososo lucky!

cz the manager decided to open up the upper level jz for us!

PePsy, see! how besar papan u r? hehehe *da pai! =.="""*



the usual one! the diferent thing is...we totally can;t understand wat's the waiters singing about!

the only sentence tat i heard was...shake you body,shake your body! =.=""

their accent really different with us! we cant even understand wen they repeat our order =.=" watever la~ hahaha


the most memorable picture.....pepsy i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yong;s love to Pepsy!hehehe *dont tell him ar! if not i ll get kill!! =.=""*


ooopssss! the ppl around were jz intended to kacau her! lolzz

wink wink wink~


WAH!!!! see! YONG! y u so excited??! i know u know muahahahaha


gfssssssssss!!!!! Weishan, pepsy, winnie~


all in blackkkkkkkkkkkkk! it's jz a coincident!~


i paksa him to take tis photo with me=.=""

he is liddat one! always paiseh in front of ppl! take a picture oso hard like wat =.="


oohhhh godddd!!! i love the wall paper so much!!! cant wait to show u!!!!!! although i looks =.="" in tis picture! muahaha


da bigbig bow........~


ohhhhhhhhhhh..i love this dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ps: no updates until 23/12~ * i i GUESS i wont be going anywhere until my exam is finish!* the time table was terrible! 4 subjects continously in 4 days! =.="" n i feel like dying without exercise for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!

everything wiill n MUST be resume after exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Merry christmas people~

i love u all!!!!!!!!

Pls dont dumb me...:( wait for me...............................................

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  • khailing
  • this is a theme restaurant of the movie "Forrest Gump"! it's one of the classic movies around:P
    study hard for now yeah! looking forward to our 2010 countdown trip!
  • yeah!!!!!!!!! yuhoooo!!! 2010 i m coming!!!!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/12/11 01:08 回覆

  • yizhuen
  • hello
    i like ur blog very much=)
    This dress is pretty awesome.....
  • owhhhh! thx so much gal!! hug hug!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/12/11 01:08 回覆

  • wen pink
  • SWEET!

    hello sweetie! i am back again.. awww love ur dress and the way u look like again!! how envious!!! btw, i listened to the songs u uploaded on ur sidebar.. u can really sing!! u should go for singing contest/audition! really! u have got the look and voice! what are u waiting for?!
  • OMG!!!! thanks a lot for the compliment! sorry for replying sososo late! but i saw this comment very first once u ve wrote it!n tats wat i wanted to say tat time! thank you so much! muahaha~
    i cant really sing well de! jz wanted to get a try :p thx gal! hugsss

    Sherlyn 於 2009/12/24 03:09 回覆

  • Cherrie
  • hehe^^ anyway, everyone in uni also facing final exam now... nyway, after those suffer days, you will be free while christmas. So do enjoy during christmas. All the best on your exam and get flying colours ya~~~~ waiting ur blog updated....
  • IM FREE DARLING!!!!!! thx for the wait! i hope i wont dissapoint u! fashion diary is bac!!!!~ go see see! muahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/12/24 03:10 回覆

  • Michele
  • piggy hui lin,
    love all ur pose in front of camera o~~ hehe ^^
    Jia you in exam o~~
    all the best & GOOD LUCK!!! ^^
  • thank you michele gal! u too! jia you in exam!!!! although its over =.="" wish u have a happy christmas ya! n happy holiday too!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/12/24 03:11 回覆

  • m&m
  • 人必須心懷希望,才會活的快樂,日子才過得充實,有意義,有朝氣,有信心。
  • thank you:p its correct!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/12/24 03:12 回覆

  • wen pink
  • visiting again! :) But why no update geh? i am waiting to read and see more pics! :)
  • updated finally!!! yuhoooooooo
    thx for coming bac! wuuu love u!!! hugggsss

    Sherlyn 於 2009/12/24 03:13 回覆