yahoo!!!! I'm just back from my very-awesome-first-trip!

It's really amazing!

Singapore trip was one of the items in my wish list...I never thought that it will be fulfilled...

However, it's REAL! Finally there's a CHOP in my passport!!!!!

yahoo! muahaha~ sounds so sampat!


thx to this big big flight with big big sales at the end of the year!

da flight ticket cost us only @ RM25.00 each! so cheap right?


i did not bring my pink luggage cz i know they will throw it while transition! hatehatehate!

n i dont have any other luggage! so mom gave me this very-safe-kind luggage!

it's really safe but very unsecure at the same time too! cz there r too many polo bags on the airport belts =.="

Image155.jpg  Image175.jpg

we have 4 ppl this time...piggy, bear, precious khai ling and ck



I felt so dizzy once i get into to the plane! it was too crowded n the chair was too straight until i hardly brief!

the fellow beside me cant even sit properly cz the space was too small!

i never encounter such problem before wen i took MAS! =.=""


Tat's the map! u guys can click here for larger view..


say hi to Mr. Phua Chu Kang! muahaha i think Singaporean love Phua Chu Kang very much!

cz they got so many chu kangsss...Yeo Chu Kang...Chua Chu Kang..Phua Chu Kang =.="

All Chu Kang-ians...=.=""


the must have card in Singapore! u can travel everywhere using this card!

tis card requires a s$5 deposit (not refundable) + minimum credit of s$10

tis card cannot be used once the credit reach less than s$3..we need to top up in order to continue using it..


I love their MRT stations...well organized n clean with fresh air condition!

not like K*M =.=" u guys know la! super hot somemore crowded like hell!


This is MORAL!

Our first station was Bedok food court


Their food was so cheap! s$2/3? n their curry chicken mee was awesome! taste about like our curry mee..the only different thing is the white chicken meat..n Singaporean eat lots of Mee Pok too! Mee pok is da thinner pan mee but doesnt taste exactly like pan mee

pic from google *Singapore Mee Pok*

we went for shopping at Marina square after all..

pic from google


christmas have yet to be ended.. weee


omg tis is cute!!!! it's a little vacumm!!!


Ben & Jerry's jackpot?


 i wonder how they keep those ice creams fresh =.=" muahaha so cute!




did u guys know wat is tis?? muahaha


I WAN THIS SHOE!! It's s$ 65.90!!! damn expensive ar~!!!!

s$65.90 * 2.50 = RM164.75 =.="" 160 + for a pair of flat? NO WAY!!!!! sobbb


our dinner at marina square's food court!!! really nice!!!


Marina + esplanade night views


*pic from google*

DSC06828.JPG DSC06829.JPG 


tis is nice! can u guys see the silver leafs?

DSC06837.JPG DSC06838.JPG

It's a wish leaf!!! n tis is cute!


the wishing balls!ppls wrote their wishes on those balls! it was really really nice!!!




DSC06851.JPG DSC06857.JPG DSC06860.JPG 


they r building a sky garden there.. click here for further knowledge


 8pic from google*

tis is how they it looks when the project completed~


the next one would be Merlion park...





finish drinking le ma? lolzzz


pic from google


esplanade!!! the design n lighting was really nice!


da fullerton hotel! click here for the web page


u guys should take a look on this hotel!!!!! its damn nice le wei!!!

it's a 5 stars hotel!

we thought it should be 6 stars instead!

It's really really nice! da 4 sampat us touring inside the hotel for around 15 minutes! the PR didnt scold but thank us instead! walao

we felt so guilty! muahaha It's too nice to insist la!

 FH_page3.jpg FH_page4.jpg



wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cant stop wah-ing!


bridge behind the Fullerton hotel..



i cant stop laughing while i took these pictures!

i'm not really sure where's this place call..i think it's clarke river if i'm not mistaken!

correct me if i'm wrong! i wish i wont forget all the names so tat i can go for another time! muahaah


k...let's call it a day! I'm goddamn tired now!

there are tons of pictures waiting for me!

will update more on facebook! possibly tmw :p


Note : Esplanade, marina bay, merlion park and fullerton hotel located very near to each other..u can reach all these place once u reach City Hall's MRT station.

ps: I googled some of the pictures cz my camera doesnt have the talent as much as DSLR! =.="" hope u guys enjoy reading this! come back soon~




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  • Michele
  • o... love ur post n all the pics.. haha..
    piggy n bear really know how to post in the picture..
    making it more interesting ^^
    hope to read more soon~~ ^^
  • thank you darling hughughug!!! will update more soon! got a lotttttttttttt of pictures!!!! u will love there too!

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  • Ellyn
  • iccc...=))
    merlion is mermaid + lion huh...keke
    i totally have no idea
    it makes sense...
  • haha! i oso dont know de! bear told me de! it makes sense oso! hahah

    Sherlyn 於 2010/01/07 16:45 回覆