Destination 1 : Kbox - Ang Moh Kio 4a3669bee6819.gif

I was seriously and extremely craving for kbox! I need to sing out loud n i havent since the my internship!!! walao eh! very long leh!

So we found one Kbox at Ang Moh Kio which provides Kbox service @ s$10 from 11am to 2pm!

Yeah! such a good price right! *Pls dont convert* muahaha

It's kinda lousy actually! Malaysia's Kbox is way BETTER than this Kbox!

we hardly found others KBox there..they don't really have many Kbox like Neway, redbox/greenbox, M-square, etcetc


yeah! the screen is blank whenver a song end! n also, the Kbox session did not end automatically!

It ended manually where the waitor have to come up to remind us that the session is ended..not like redbox that kind where the system end automatically! n i dont think we can sing overtime there :( but 3 hours is more than enough!


s$10 = K session + chicken rice + drinks

DSC06948.JPG milo dinosor.jpg

the milo dinosour was great! but i can make it myself =.="" n i think the chicken rice should be great too!

but the kids not really agree with me! haha! I'm a fan tong lei gek! I'm ok if u give me rice n egg! muahaha egglicious juga!


our bill! s$ 98.86 for 7 ppl! still ok la! *Dont convert!!!* hahaha


weee all of us! they r just 11 / 13 years old! OMG! I'm old now :(


Destination 2 : Bugis 4a3669bee6819.gif


yeah!!!! It;s bugis!!!!!! will talk about bugis junction later in day 6 cz we didnt actually shop there that day!

too excited over Bugis Street! U guys willl love there!!!!



It's like Qi Chong Kai! but 10 times bigger than Qi Chong Kai i think..they have 2 levels!

I didnt got to snap more pictures cz there were too crowded with ppl!

oh ya!let's talk about the trend there..

Singapore gals used to wear flat pumps..they hardly wear heels!

n u can see lot of princess head there!

Tat's Princess head! muahaha! Kinda in love with it now!

pic from Sherlyn's blog *Singaporean*

I started her blog since tat day i found her blog in google

muahaha! so coincedence right!?

n yeah! Singaporean = Designer Bag *REAL ONE!!* + flat + princess head!


ohya! u can find all those online trend in Malaysia in Bugis street! It's totally the same!

all those lacey lacey dresses, top shop inspired, bodycons, tutu skirt were all there!!!

prices ranged between s$15-25! It's quite worth if it's prices were at s$15, cz if u convert,  u will get it at around RM45!

I bought 2 high waist skirt, colour block high waist skirt @ S$ 15 and peter pan high waist skirt @ s$8!!!

It's CHEAP!!!!!!! Even cheaper if u r a singaporean!!!!!


I bought this bangles at s$10! I think it's kinda worth!!! cz all i found in Malaysia always overpriced!!! usually online blogshop in Malaysia price it at RM30+!



okla! It;s really delicious! But a bit pricey compare to others normal stall at normal place =.="" muhaha

this is what the little gal Bernice tell me!

n we had our dinner at Koo Kee, right beside the Bugis Street


  DSC06970.JPG DSC06971.JPG DSC06972.JPG    

realy geng n nice!!!!! OMGOMGOMG! I wish i could have it now!!!!! FYI, i love dumplings n guo tie very very muchi! =.="


quite expensive one! but still ok! :p


Tat's our Malaysian friend who work in Singapore! MMU-ians!

*the right one! not the left one la =.="*

she joined us for dinner after worked!!!!


I forgot to mention here!


BUT!!!!!!!!! not picture yet =.="""

will post it once i snap la!hehe


Destination 3 : da quite boring Chinatown 4a3669bee6819.gif


DSC06987.JPG DSC07001.JPG

It's quite boring cz we chinese already get use to those temples n tang lungs!

n i was totally exhausted wen we reach there! my kaki paint like hell!!!

k la! I go lim kopi first!

will continue part 3 tonight~ weee weee

ps: will upload more pictures in facebook~ remember to tunetune~


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  • Janice
  • post your purchases!!! i didnt get to shop at all when i went to bugis. was totally lost and erm, not in a mood. anyway, i want to see your purchases! =)
  • i didny get to shop more oso cz budget constraint! but i still shop a bit though! muhaha! arraniging the picass will post up soon~ hwhhwh

    Sherlyn 於 2010/01/07 16:46 回覆

  • Ellyn
  • hehe...yea nice princess head..i've bought a thingi to make princess head oso..;p
    keep updating~~~
  • really? did u buy it at nv ren wo zui da store? i ve been find it for sosossossso long!!! wer did u get it? tell me tel me pls pls :(

    Sherlyn 於 2010/01/10 22:28 回覆

  • Ellyn
  • i think u can find it in some japanese yokoso japan, i bought it there!!=))nv ren wo zui da store also selling this...^^
  • really? wow! i m gonna check it out soon!! i saw in nv ren wo zui da show"! really nice n easy to use!thx for the info ya gal! hughug!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/01/14 02:25 回覆