yeap!!! It's day 4!!! Our Orchard day!

I've heard lotsa ppl saying tat Orchard is the most expensive location in Singapore!

n we tought we r not goin to buy anything since's kinda expensive!

god knows, we bought the most at Orchard! =.=""

wll share wat we've bought in next post! wee wee


yuyu~! princess crocs shoe!!!! so nice!!!!! planning to get one for baby, but it's WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! sob


Ion Orchard!!! with my princess hair! lolzzz fake one! n failed one!


if u happen to go Ion Orchard, take a look of their Bread Society! the breads were so nice n tempting!

i didnt got to take much pic cz we r not allowed to do so :(



y tis 2 fellow so ganjiong? wer r they goin???









It's not an ordinary Christmas tree! wait n u ll see..


i love tis photo! meeeeemeeeeeee


teeedeeeee!! tat's how it looks INSIDE the christmas tree!!!




yo! i m gonna fly!!!! lolzzzz

i hate my messy hair! thank god i ve cut it off!!!!


da full house cotton on!!!

i tell u wat! i hope tat i can resist n dont buy anything from cotton on anymore!

the reason is, i have seen around 15 different girls wearing the same floral dress n some others such as leopard print dress n cotton on's slipper!

slipper is still ok cz not really obvious...but not the dress!

mail me if u wanna know which dress cz i dont wanna post it up!


i bought tis slipper cz my leg was freaking pain!!!!!

n tis shoe cost at s$5 purchase with purchase...i didnt buy anything there...n luckily there is a girl who willing to share with me so tat i can get it at s$5!


it's comfy...dont worry!


i think tis is cute! true as well!


ei! dont qio my paper la!


poser =.=""" yeah! we bought a lot at Muji store!

ohya! tat's my new skirt from Bugis street! s$8 only! cheap right?


my love!!!!! Fererro Roche's christmas treeeeeeee!!!!



we donated some RM to him cz we dont have much s$ left T_T


wat a stupid expression! lolzzz

after that.....

countdown nite!!!!!!!!!

DSC07338.JPG DSC07339.JPG


everywhere were crowded with ppl!!! it's ppl jam..not traffic jam!!! orzzz

Singapore fireworkss!!!!!!


buying post coming up next~ enjoy the fireworkss!!!!!

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  • detectiveang
  • nice one!!
  • thx Mr.Bear~!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/01/14 02:24 回覆

  • Michele
  • Piggy hui lin, i love love love the pic wit u looking up in the Christmas tree n the lights coming down~~
    ur hands opening up like u touching the light from the skies~~ so so nice~
    can make it as an advertisement ad d~ ^^
    [*like* x (infinity times)]
  • haha!thx u baby!!!!!!! hughughug n love u!!!! yaya!!! i love tat pic too!!!!! Mr bear's photography skills improved a lot! lolzzz

    Sherlyn 於 2010/01/14 02:31 回覆

  • sharon bee
  • babe, i know which dresses from cotton on u r referring to!!!
    coz i bot the floral n leopard print dresses but never dare to wear them out now~~
    luckily bot them under big slashed price, if nt heart pain leh...
  • haha! high five!!! but i didnt seen such incident in Malaysia yet! maybe i m in penang now n ter isnt any cotton on here! haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/01/14 02:37 回覆

  • wen pink
  • wow the xmas tree is soooo beautiful! can go inside some more!! btw, i just added u on facebook :) happy new year!!!
  • hhe yaya! isaw u!!! ur profile pic really nice! hapy new year too gal! wee weee

    Sherlyn 於 2010/01/17 16:31 回覆

  • amanda
  • hey ion orchard has cotton on?
  • Ion orchard one is Rubi n cotton on is located at the underpass for MRT there. hehe

    Sherlyn 於 2010/01/17 16:33 回覆