okies! Tat;s my 4 th time clubbing since i was 21!

i love this gang much cz i can really dance sepuas-puasnya without worrying this n that..

tis is the first time tat i felt so relief n which i *actually* dance! lolzz

cz the few times before that, i was jz *acting* like i'm actually dance....lolzz


Brown hair with brown eyes!!!!

this color is really natural which brighthened my eyes n made my eyes look bigger...

n its not tat obvious like the one in the picture..*it looked so brown is bcz of the lighthing effect*

n yeah!!! i curled my hair!!!!!! finally can see  bit of the curl d =.="" n....it doesnt really stay :(

i m gonna buy moose n try again...:p



my leopard n my stud!

i love leopard print so much! but bear not really like it cz it makes me look wild..

accesories is ok for me! but not the dress....i will look weird definately!


yeah! i m gonna share this bag in real soon! i love it so much!!!!!!! one of my best buySSSSS recently!

ya! i shop a lot recently! *for cny la* dont scold me!


nah!!!! dont ever say tat U CANT SEE MY HAIR COLOR ANYMORE! super obvious here! lolzzzz



Tat's the first time i try out body con!

*lolzzz i never know tat my little mouse r still there!!!since ive stopped my ballet few years ago!but i kinda in love wit it! lolzzzzzz*

it's a lacey body con with 31 inch length! lolzz

the most important thing for me to buy online is the length n the measurement of my hip part!

another reason tat i love this body con *among all others* is bcz the front part is not so low n it's not SUPER BODY FIT tat kind..

n its really comfortable!


n yeah!!!! here;s the parteyyyyyyyy!



hey! close ur mouth n stop wahhhh-ing!


both of them are my favourite FOE flowers!!!

u can always find out more in my facebook! lolzz


haaahaa!!! lolzzz!!!! i have no idea wat is he laughing!!!!!! hahahahaahah




lolz! i m posing the s shape n he is taking part of the s shape =.="""

yeah! no doubt tat he knows me well! he know i dont have s shape n L shape instead! zzz orzzzzz


wei jie!!! wat r u thinking??? lolzzzz





(1) until now..i still cant really take picture under flash! i cant open my eyes! tat's y i look weird in all those photos! lolzzzz

(2) view more here

(3) my first time clubbing experience  the photos were missing but no worries i m fixing it now! :p

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  • Jance
  • wah!! so leng lui! wooot! love your clubbing outfit! and love the leopard print bow necklace! i'm in love with animal prints lately too. got a padded shoulder pink leopard print top lately. even recycle bag also i get leopard print one. -___- but why man around us usually don't like us in leopard prints one aah? at least Mr. bear said is too wild.. my hubby said is too aunty lor. =( why like that.
  • yesh! i love tat necklace too! it's a gift from my auntie last year..n yes! i love leopard print so much! haha i oso dont know y guys around us dont like it much! Mr.bear always stop me from touching or even talking about animal print =.="" lolzz hahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/01/31 00:55 回覆

  • nicole
  • whr u got that bag! NICE!!
  • i bought it from sunway pyramid! but i forgot the shop name! lolzz cz i sapu all the colors n available stock there! its sold out bcz of me =.="" lolzzz! n the fella didnt give me their plastic..gave me a pasar malam yellow plastic instead =.=""

    Sherlyn 於 2010/01/31 01:19 回覆

  • carlmen
  • so sexy~~haha
    i haven't clubbing b4...
    in my thinking..it was danger ^^
  • ya...its a bit dangerous...
    if u want to go...u have to choose ur friends carefully....i used to go with the same gang whom i know through my bf for quite sometime d..n i feel safe each time i go with them..n oso..there r some tips to remember while going for club..eg dont ever drink ur drinks after u left it...dance with ur friends, i mean good friends so that they can protect u from the hamsaplou, dont look directly to hamsaplou's eyes! u will definately know who is the hamsaplou cz they will stare u n u will feel it! haha these are jz some little tips...u still have to protect urself! hehe dont worry! clubbing is fun!!! OMG! i typed so long! sounds like a mother =.=""" ha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/01/31 15:16 回覆

  • carlmen
  • haha...thanks for ur tips..i biasa read ur blog d...so sure won feel tat u "chang qi" although u type so much ^.^
    ya...i had read ur blog thru poh sian blog quite long d...haha...i like kitty too..but not as u so crazy for ur ribbon lo~~hehehe.....
  • hahah thx nehx! ooo u r poh sian's friend!~ heeheh nice to meet u *shake hand* hehe

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/03 02:16 回覆

  • carlmen
  • yaya...i'm from same hometown with her ^^...
    ur last few post..got one i think ur mood no good ...
    wrote tat ur post comment decreases...u felt hard to maintain ur blog...
    then i faster create 1 acc come support u d.(although i also interested to write blog la hahax)
    ..don stop ur blog ar...still wan to see ur wedding pic n babies pic...hahax
  • owh!!!! i m so touch dear!!! thank you for everything! n u r so sweet! owhhh hughug!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/04 18:43 回覆