haha! yeah! i ve brought back a message from Murni which located at SS2...

bah....tell the story later! lolzz ahahah

anyone heard about bumpit?

still remember the princess head tat i ever wrote in my Singapore Trip post?


guess u guys might have forgot it d!

nvm! cz i m gonna remind u here~


yo! tat;s the bumpit!

ok la! i know! its really small! mini bumpit can oso wat? ha


haha! tat;s my lovely vintage heart shape spec from ugly duckling!!!!!


nah!!! tat's the reason y i wear spec!

the side effect of clubbing have yet to be solved until today!

OMG! i really cant stand with my dark circle!

but i jz way too lazy to make up today!

eyeliner+blusher n tat;s all for today!



was supposed to show u guys my blusher! but end up like tat!

even me myself dont see any little pink or little red there!!! sigh

n see! i dont even put a little bit more heart to draw my eyeliner!

oh gosh... i m so so so tired today! i dont know y!!!!! i smell like a aunty! lolzzz


yo!!! tat's my cute little beauty maker blusher!!! it's a gift from precious KL from Taiwan! 

*not Kuala Lumpur, is Khai Ling! lolzzz haahah*



trying to be artistic while eating roti canai at SK mamak =.=""" nice o not this 2 pictures? i got put effot one ar!

we went to Lowyat to fix my stupid mouse! Bear jz bought it for me last month n it's now in the hospital!

stupiakkkkkk mouse!!!!!!!! =.="""

n of course! we went to sg.wang for some cny shopping! owhhhh i love shopping!!!!!!!

here r some nice view of pavilion~

DSC07862.JPG DSC07864.JPG DSC07865.JPG

DSC07867.JPG DSC07868.JPG DSC07870.JPG





see this cute little boy!!! lolzz! i curicuri capture him one!!! Dont sue me ar!!!! he's jz too cute to resist!!!!!

see his Doraemon! reminds me about Mr.Bear! he's a Doraemon n i'm the kitty! cz both of us are cats!

arkkkk arkkkk arkkkkk

ok! lame joke =.="""



ok! let's get into the topic =.="" haha

here's a message from Murni Tauke!


so! Murni no longer tat Murni with crowded tables! they r allowed to place only 20 tables in front of their shop....

so, they open another branches here!

DSC07883.JPG DSC07884.JPG

check it out yo!

ohya! jz in case, u r not from KL, or even u r from KL but u have no idea wat Murni is....follow me! ha

the must-order-items!


their specials! the got ribena specials*this one*, apple special, mango special, orange special apa special lu mau dia pun ada!


our orders!!! 2 person eat 3? diedie lo! how to diet! arghhhhhhhhhh


the famous roti hawaii!


u gonna love the fillings!!!!! roti canai + pineapple + egg + cheese + sausage + chicken burger meat + mayo!


roti seafood! roti canai + tuna + crabstick + egg + sotong + prawn + mayo!!! yummmyyyy!!!



mee raja tomyam!!!!!!!!! tis is really nice!!!!!

they have lotsa food with weird name! but no worries! they r all nice!!!!!


i think their most recent popular item is Dragon Pizza!

got lotsa flavour! i cant even remember those names =.="""


HIS buy! i thought he bought too much for cny! mana tau! wen i reach home...i found this!~



nananana! dont kill me k? i use my own money de ar! n all of them not more than 50 bucks one!!!!

oopssss! got one of them more than 50 bucks! but only 1!!!!! ONLY 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i cant open my eyes now! soso tired!!!




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  • yan
  • i miss murni, haven been there for age dy=(
    and @.@ so many dresses u bought, but we are girls, hahaha
  • haha i didnt buy much dress tis time! more on 2 pieces! but i m still looking for dress! lolzz hahaah girls girls girls! but only for cny! after cny cannot buy like tat~ hahah

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/01 01:24 回覆

  • Irenelim
  • Wow, haven't been to Murni before but looks like their dishes are really worth a try!... trust you, they must be really super duper nice... just by the look of them, make me salivate all over my keyboard... slurp slurpppp....
  • yeaheyah!!! u must go n have a try!!!!! their food was amazing!!! got nga pou lou xu fan, chicken chop, any kind of chicken chop oso got! anything u wan will be there! haha i m addicted sosososososos seriously! lolzz haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/01 01:27 回覆

  • Irenelim
  • Pavilion's CNY decoration is really spectacular. Got festive feeeeel ~~
  • yeahyeah! their decoration always the nicest one! we still wow-ing wen we step into it although we ve went there for so many times d! haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/01 01:30 回覆

  • Irenelim
  • Hey, your vintage heart shape spec is really cute ~~
  • haha! its from ugly duckling! bought it quite sometime d! haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/01 01:35 回覆

  • Irenelim
  • I guess must give Murni a try someday soon... the pictures look really tempting!
  • yeah!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/04 02:34 回覆