yeah!!! it's quilted again! again again n again! i jz cant get enough of quilted bag!

anymore, its not's for my mom! her birthday is coming soon! a day before valentine! as always! 13 of Feb! isnt tat fab?can get so many presents! haaha


see the charms! isnt tat cute?


its quite similar with my previous chanel jz tat this a bit bigger than the previous one~ n its in gold chain instead of silver chain~


see that flap? lolzz! u know design arent u?


the quality is really really really good!!!!


the inner part is something like leather..i m not really sure about the material but the quality is really great!!!

n guess how much i bought it? this is the biggest size i guess! its RM65!! i bought it from sunway pyramid Asia Avenue!

their bags r priced almost the same with blogshop! by subtract out the postage, its still worth!! n i found other stores selling it at 80 + even 100 + oh gosh!!!!


yeah!!!!! the one that i love most!!!

i was hunting for this bag over n over all those blogshops!!!! but ITS ALL SOLD OUT!!!!!! garrrrrrrr

i was so excited n nearly dance in their shop wen i found this bag!!!!!

studded quilted bucket bag!!!!! oh well! this is for my mom too!


there's a zipper inside~


make it as a bucket bag....or


connect it n turn it into a sling bag~


yoyo!!! nice rite? oh my love!!!!!

n here's mine!!!!!

DSC07911.JPG DSC07912.JPG

i sapu all the stock there! hmm actually left one which being bought by another customer who was influenced by the excited me!

i m really really really super duper excited wen i saw it!!!!!

n guess how much i bought it? RM48 nia!!!!!! mamamia!!!!!! even cheaper than blogshps!!!!

my friend found the same one at sg wang which priced at 90+ really siao mia the seller nowadays!



hope u girls like it too!!!!!!


click here for my previous bags sharing~

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  • yizhuen
  • the 1st chanel i had c on blogshop.
    i more the 2nd bag...the price is cheap n the design is super like it....
    but can't find in sad....
    i wan go kl !!!! kl is a shopping world.
  • haha yaya! but the quality is okok nia! not better than my miss selfridge one! but still worth the price was like 3 times cheaper! haaha
    comecomecome! make sure u bring enough money then ok lo! haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/01 01:22 回覆

  • Irenelim
  • Nice bags indeed... and they are reasonably priced! Good buys.
  • wow! u r da famous irenelim fashion rite?was once eye-ed on ur blogshop's pinafore and another dress, but its all sold out:( haah wuhoo!thx for the visit ya dear! hughugss

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/01 01:20 回覆

  • Irenelim
  • Yeah, I am from Irenelim Fashion, but famous kah? Haha... make me happy only... too bad my items were sold out before you can get one, but the tip is to come to my online store everyday early early... lol. hughugss. :)
  • hehe sure sure! will stay tune! :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/03 23:57 回覆

  • sharonbee
  • babe, quilted bag can get at rm 29.90 @ too...
    in diff designs...
    haha, i've bot another 2 too ~~
  • yeah! i know!i saw too! but the quality is totally different n this one is in bigger size...fully made of leather even the pockets~ ive been searching around this kind of omg! i love quilted a lot!!!!!!! =.="" haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/01 18:59 回覆

  • yan
  • i saw the exactly same quilted bag in a blogshop @ RM88...@.@ so ridiculous man, haiz..
  • ya! i saw another one selling at 80 oso =.="" lolz! really dont understand! y r they selling so high!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/03 01:53 回覆