It's a motivation for me to keep writing this blog...

I've been facing blogging bottle neck for a couple of times...However, i m glad tat i'm still here!

For my family, my friends, my readers n myself!

I'm gonna put more effort on this blog n share as much things that i can!

Thanks to all my friends, readers n family!

I love ya all much!

I was quite an anti-social person...Never even dare to hang out with friends or chat online...

This is due to the super-low confidence n super-afraid-ppl disease!

I cant really talk to others like wat i used to in my blog....i mean talk those that i really wan to talk!

Except my precious ckl & Blue angel n ji muissss Wei shan, pei shi, winnie!! I love ya all! I'm gonna miss u girls much after we graduate! *CRY*!!!!!!!!

Besides my ji muis n da bf, here r the only place that i can express all my feelings...

reading back the old archive...i found tat...i've been gone through different phases!

From an super ordinary girl who dont really know how to make herself look pretty until now....a girl who knows what's her weaknesses n know how to cover up all her weaknesses! *I mean in terms of fashion! I'm not really good in fashion...still have a lots of things to learn!~*

learnings never end! i'm gonna work hard! for my dreams, my family n da bf!

I love u all readers! especially janice, poh sian, theng theng, xiao xing n a lot more! u guys r all my friends!

Thanks for being here...hugssssss


ok! i shall stop all the emo-ness here!

n yesss!!!! 100k give away contest!!!!!


#1 Sherlynlicious make up pouch!!! *First Prize x1*

love1.jpg love2.jpg


#2 Sherlyn's hime vintage bow brooch!!! *Love Prize x 1 *


Conditions :

Answer questions below by leaving a comment here

1. What you like and dislike Sherlyn's blog? *I'm READY for the guns! no worries!*

2. Anything that you hope Sherlyn can share here.


*The first person who able to get the 100k visitor PRINT SCREEN and send to Sherlyn's email,

piggysherlyn87@yahoo.com , will stand a chance to get the yellow cutie quilted make up pouch!*



(1) Prizes may be added..Depends on participants!~ I'm still looking for pretty stuff as prizes :p

(2) Make up tutorial n boutique loves coming up soon! tunetune! :p






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  • yan
  • since I am here, i think I should participate in ur contest to give you motivation in writing ur blog coz seriously I enjoy reading it almost everyday=D

    why I like your blog?
    first I got to know ur blog by a blogshop*ok, this remains secret,hahaha*
    then i clicked in ur blog link and found that ur blog is quite extraordinary, I don't know how to explain it, jz quite different from blogs that I have read=.=
    I love to see your posts especially ur fashion diary coz I like the way ur dress up and how much I wish I can be like u, but then I super no guts as I am fat, my arms, arh!!!!!! so sad=(
    and after reading ur blog, I even bought the same ribbon quilted bag as urs , it is so lovely=D
    and because of your blog, I started to love bow*I never expected that I will love bow, haha*
    and and and...
    I so envy that you and ur bf are so sweet*I am single=(*. it is not hard to see ur bf in ur post and can see how lovely both of u, keep it up=)
    til now, I think I have read your blog for more than half year and I still enjoy reading it

    and lastly, I hope you can share something like..
    - make up tutorial(I super noob in this)
    - how to diet
    - share more bargains that we can get=D

    til here, thanks for reading my lame comment, lol
  • omg dear! i m so touch!!!!
    i really really really touch!
    i dont know wat to say!
    thx for loving my blog,
    thx for being here with me when i m down,
    thx for the motivation,
    thc for the love to bows *they r my best clothes family*,
    thx for the suggestions,
    n thousand thx for ur comment!
    i really touch!!!!

    I'm gonna finalize all the prizes after cny.
    n fred not? i m gonna get u a special one!
    thx a lot dear! i m gonna hand pick a pressie for u while i bac to penang :p
    thx again! muacksss n hugsss

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/06 15:03 回覆

  • princessS520
  • oh! I found my name there! wee~~~
    You are my friend too! Not only friend, but "hou ji mui"!!! can i?? xDDDDD
    Gambateh ya dear. Will rajin come here to help u speed up to reach the 100k!! Wakaka~~~ ^^v
  • hehe thx a lot dear! lolzzz thx for ur rajiness~ hahaha hughug

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/06 18:43 回覆

  • Janice
  • =( this afternoon typed a long long comment but suddenly got DC! wth. =(

    anyway, just want to say my views =)
    1) what i like and dislike about sherlyn's blog:
    ---> what i like is:
    the way sherlyn put in effort to compile everything so nicely. not 'chapalang'. fashion diary one post, review one post, etc. i also like how similar we are in many ways (hope i'm not too thick face to say so - memang abit tak tau malu >.<). sometimes i see something in sherlyn's blog and immediately it hits me "omg, that was something i nearly bought/couldnt get cause sold out/wanted to get!" or "i wanted that too!". i like sherlyn's blog because i learned about alot of new blogshops that i nvr knew their existence. through sherlyn's blog, i know them and can get cheap and nais bargains. i like how sherlyn like good bargains too. cause most of my purchases are from online so i dont think is reasonable to spend so much on online purchase. also, i like sherlyn's blog because of her fashion diary.

    what i dislike is:
    that sherlyn does not post as much fashion diary as before. also, sometimes the page layout is abit confusing, since i really wish to follow all sherlyn's posts, but sherlyn sometimes put all fashion diary in one post then it doesnt show on the above of the page (hope i'm making sense here). what i dislike most is that, sherlyn always always always put up so many nais stuffs here until make me shop so much that i become so broke d. =( but i so 'fan jian', keep coming back for more. -___-

    2)anything that i hope sherlyn to post more:
    more fashion diary? =) and more good bargains. actually what sherlyn is doing now is pretty great d, sherlyn just have to keep up the good work. =) i really like the recent add-on, which is the update/recommendation of the blogshops thingy. really damn useful. kakaka.

    phew! hope this time it won't dc on me again.
  • wow girl, first, thx for the comments n suggestions!
    n i m glad tat u like the review post! lolz haha n no! u aint thick face! cz yeah! girls always love nice stuff rite?

    about the fashion diary...yeah! i know tat too! haha gonna find out all the links n put under each outfit tat i posted, so tat u guys can read more about tat outfit easier~ hehe
    n n n haha lolzzz!!! i m broke too :(
    cny ma! i think my clothes can wear until...hmmm 15? lolzz hahaha

    n yeah! i m gonna post more fashion diary soon! n oso some boutique findings! so tat u gals will have some idea to shop outside instead of online~ thx for ur words again love!!!!!

    arghhh i m gonna prepare more pressies for my readers i guess? lolz! haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/07 04:47 回覆

  • Irenelim
  • 100K visitor, that's a good achievement. Keep up the great work,... as for the contest I give chance to other readers, haha. Good work!
  • heeh thx dear!~ thx for always leaving comment here! i feel so motivated! lolzz every once i see comments..i was like...arghhh i should stand up now n find something special to share! lolzz goin crazy n crazy d!~

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/07 13:33 回覆