Hi guys...hmm i'm not really good in make up..but i love make up so much!

cz it makes me feel secure n confidence!~

As requested, here are just my little sharing about my make up...

I dont wear this everyday but definately every outing! lolzz haha

cz it's the easiest make up tat i ever learned~


So, this is the make up that i want to share here~

Let;s get it started~


Here r all my weapons!

(1) Skin Food BB cream - strongly recommended

(2) Beauty Maker blusher (peach)

(3) Pinky girl double eyelid sticker ( I have big small eyes =.="")

(4) Majorlica Majorca's eyeshadow palette, Mascara, Liquid eyeliner and Eyeliner pencil

(5) Elianto's eyelashes curler

(6) Benefit's glossiness Lip gloss

(7) Fresh Look Brown Circle Lense

(8) MY fingerssss~ *I dont use tools cz i ve no money to buy yet! I know! its an excuse! =.=""*

So, i'll just skip the base as all u need to do is just apply the BB cream on ur face evenly.

Dont forget those important part such as ur eyebag, pimples or watever that u wish to conceal~


My eyeshadow palette. Majolica Majorca~ I love this brand n tat's y u will keep seeing its name in this post~


First, apply B  all around ur eyelids~


Second, apply C around the half end of ur eyelids~



Dont forget to blend the center part so that it can mix well with the B color.

Third, apply D at the bottom of ur eyelids~



Dont forget to tap it so that it can blend well with the A & B color.

Fourth, apply A at the outer top part of ur eyelids n the inner part of ur eyes~

*This is for highlight purpose*



Fifth, It's time for eyeliner!

*Apply eyeliner using the pencil eyeliner at ur inner eyelid and ur tear line*


Then, use ur liquid eyeliner for the rest...


I use both as for pencil eyeliner, it helps to cover up those spaces that can;t be drawn by liquid eyeliner, such as lower eyeliner/tear line...n then, i use liquied eyeliner to enhance it n oso to prevent those liner that drawn by using pencil eyeliner will not smudge easily.

Sixth, Curl ur lash n apply mascara


Curl ur lash first before mascara~

Apply ur mascara in a zig zag way..this is to spread away the eyelashes so that they wont stick together..

This will make ur eyes look more bigger n doll-er! lolzz hahaha

ohya, dont forget ur lower lashes as well! curl it using the curler but in an opposite way n apply mascara...

Dont worry about the excess cz u can just clean it easily using cotton bud!~

n then! ur eyes DONE!

Now it's time for ur cheeks!


Apply blusher on ur cheeks *like how it shown in the picture*

n SWAP it across ur nose to make the innocent n natural effect!~

Finally, apply ur lip gloss n its all DONE!



I curled my hair inwards this time as i wish to have a sweet looking effect!







yeah! tat's my little bling bling rainbow hairband homemade by Tea n Sympathy! owhhh i love it so much!!!

n yeah! this is my first ever make up sharing! hope tat u guys enjoy n learn something here~

sorry if i did not do it well...ive tried my best...ve been redo n redo n redo again so many times to make sure the picture quality is good~

will try to do video next time :p

Let me know how u feel k? :p

Will share make up for valentine's day if i have time :p


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  • xiao xing
  • A nice sharing,especially I just thought of learning how to make up correctly =)
    Thanks ya ^_^
  • heheh! no need to thx dear~ cz im just a beginner too~ still got much to learn! i m the one who should say thank you~ thx for reading my setengah masak post! lolzzz hahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/08 16:53 回覆

  • we pink
  • so sweet! i wan tat cute blusher!! where to buy one?
  • haha ya! tats blusher so cute rite? its a brand from Taiwan named beauty maker, produced by Kevin, nv ren wo zui da :p i think here got d...maybe at those nv ren wo zui da store :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/08 16:55 回覆

  • yan
  • hey gal, thx for sharing=D
    i usually apply eyeliner and concealer and eyebrow on my face only...I don't even have a BB cream coz everytime I want to buy, the price will scare me away. and becoz of the price, i don't want to simply choose the BB cream so ended up never bought it=.=
    thx ya, will try to apply FULL make up this coming cny, hope it will success=D
  • haha but i think Skin food BB Cream not tat expensive rite? RM49 if not mistaken...n i m gonna explore another brand of BB cream sooner the better! cz i really love BB cream much! lolzz

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/08 16:56 回覆

  • theng
  • haha , i also still arrange and editing my make up tutorial pic .. "slapme " .. lolz
    nice and good tut , thumbs up for u ya ...

    i also gt the same palette like urs and I'm still waiting for more make up tut ya .. exhange exchange mah .. lolz
  • haha lolz! yalo! i wait until my neck super long d ar! but i saw one d! waiting for ur other make up post! :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/08 16:57 回覆

  • Sarah
  • Thx for the make up tutorial~! I do my make up almost the same like yours..Just that I also apply the majolica eyeshadow in the outer corner of my lower eyeline. I also have the MM pencil eyeliner in brown and pink for highlighting but I find that they smudge really easily T__T I prefer liquid eyeliner though as the color is more intense.

    Good tutorial btw. Hope to see more of it in the future =) oh ya before I forget..Legere bb cream is good. You should try it of you like bb cream. And also you wont regret if you start using brushes. They can really make life easier~!
  • haha yaya! but usually i wont apply brown eyeshadow at my lower eyeline..cz it used to make my eyes look super poofy n panda =.="" lolzz ahahah u can try to put eyeshadow on top of ur pencil eyeliner so tat they wont smudge easily..

    thx a lot nehx! n ohhh..i havent heard about Legere BB cream! izit from sasa? i have brushes actually..but i m not really into it cz i can actually feel the density n oso i feel more comfortable blending it using fingers! lolzz haha but i know i have to start using brushes! after cny maybe? hehe

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/08 17:01 回覆

  • rainrain
  • thanks for sharing dear!
    im just wondering how do you curl ur lower lashes?
    this is my biggest question so far! i always see those makeup tips that told us to 'kiap' our lower lashes, but i just cant seem to make it at all

    or izit becuz my lower lashes too short =.= swt
  • ahah hmmm will show the picture soon k? cz its kinda hard to explain oso~ haa

    i dont think ur lower lashes r short...cz last time i have the same thought with u too...but after i tried it..only i know tat i have lower eyelashes! =.="" haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/08 17:03 回覆

  • carlmen
  • wow~~hehe...i just post a page tat i bought a makeup set but dunno how to makeup..now u post 1 so ngam can teach me makeup...but u know lo...here not big city...i felt makeup vary strange...
    added if put eyeliner i will felt itchy...haha...so many problem... so...til now i still dint put anything on face when go work or shopping ^^
  • haha really? lolzz
    n ohya! dont feel weird while u make up! as it should be a bonus mark *if u do it correctly*! make up make ppl look fresh n confident!
    haha for the itchy part, maybe u just havent get use to make up? try to practice more often..then u will be able to master it :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/08 17:08 回覆

  • Irenelim
  • Girl, thank you so much for the quick tutorial... now I know how to shine like you dy... haha... oh, good to learn some make up skills, so that I can help to make up my models. :)
  • thx a lot dear! u r so sweet~!

    o? i tot u r one of the model?:p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/08 17:09 回覆

  • wei shan
  • i noe how to use it d...haha...thumbs up!! muacks!!
  • wah! u so fast reach home one! haha thxthxthx hughug n kiss kiss! lolzzzz

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/08 17:18 回覆

  • Michelle
  • Hi very nice tutorial. N i like your hair. What do u used to curl your hair?
  • hehe thx~ i use a super huge curly thong to thong it one~ lolzz

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/10 02:05 回覆

  • lilsweetkaz
  • very cute look! thanks
    may i ask wat shade bb cream u using, and is it mushroom?
  • heh thx dear~ i use shade #1 n yes...there is a mushroom label there...but i dont think they use the real mushroom~ shahahh

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/20 10:15 回覆