i was in this awesome shop with awesome lighthing selling awesome hats with awesome customers! lolzzz


yeah! tat's the awesome couple in the awesome shop with awesome lighthing!


here's the stupid gal with awesome hat at awesome shop with awesome lighting! lolzzz


omg! i love this picture so much!!!! pls ignore my little hairy between my brow! we were just too kan jiong n wanted to finish the shoot faster so tat we dont get caught by the awesome shop's awesome sales gal!


but anyway...we still got caught =.="""

DSC_0211.jpg DSC_0212.jpg

now u know y i'm addicted to DSLR!!!!

OMG! I'm so wish that i could have a photographer follow me 24 hours every single day!! lolzzz 

super thx to the photographer! u know who is he! *i guess!*lolzzz

ohya!for the hat part...nope!! tat's not my hat! lolzz

i'm jz simply *borrow* from the shop!


the most important is this outfit! i guess its my best cny outfit! i failed much this year! =,=" not really satisfy with my cny clothes!

except this!

see da bac~



no more DSLR :( but still nice rite? lolzzz! beh tahan!


n yeah! i wanted to share with u guys wer did i get tis top n oso....the oversized bow top!

still remember tis?


yeah! both of them r from the same boutique!

Rosso boutique at Bangsar!!!!

pic credits to Rosso Boutique

Here's a little peek of their boutique at bangsar~





DSC07990.JPG DSC07991.JPG DSC07992.JPG

they have lotsa awesome clothes! i cant really take pictures on their products...perhaps u guys can hop tat n take a look?


last but not least...

my another DIY dress!



I think it's nice!!!! :p

satisfy not? comment pls sweethearts darlings babies lovies!!~ :p

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  • ketty
  • Niceeeeee ! how much for the top ? will the clothes be expensive at the boutique ?
  • the top are priced around 40 - 50~ i think still quite reasonable..cz i saw another shop selling the same design one at about the same price but with much low quality~

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/22 21:14 回覆

  • carlmen
  • cute...but haven see u with the DIY clothes??
    hehe...wait for tat pic ya~~
  • hehe yya! havent got the chance to wear! lolz =.="" ehehe~

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/27 17:17 回覆

  • Irenelim
  • Oh, your DIY ribbon cloth rocks! and of course Rosso Boutique rocks as well.
  • yeah! their clothes really really nice!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/27 17:18 回覆

  • tien
  • the oversized bow top is loveable!!!i like it =D
  • ketty
  • i see. quite reasonable :)
    owh dear. i got a bow hair clip want to sell. pls have a look kay ? Thanks :)
  • hehe sure gal~ i saw it few days ago d :p sorry for the late reply ya! freaking busy =.="" i m deaddddd

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/27 17:18 回覆

  • Lynette
  • Love your outfit as always, can't wait u to sell it off again ;p
  • heeh thx dear! :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/27 17:20 回覆