*UPDATE* Read this post and email me if u want to know the seller name

Email : piggysherlyn87@yahoo.com

Here's the whole story..

i found tis super charming swallow necklace for this blogshop..

i know that they actually hiked up the price extremely...cz i saw 1 bow that they r selling is seriously overpriced...i got it at RM6 each and they sell it at RM22 n claim that its from Korea..ok...so maybe the quality different? n i just dont bother since i know i wont be buying from her...

However...i m actually kinda love to window shop at her site cz their stuff r all nicely captured..

n i came across this necklace which i thought its seriously expensive..

however...after some time for consideration..i thought i should take it..

so i emailed the seller n ask whether the price can be cut down a lil bit o not..

n she replied tat nope...she cant give discount but free postage is ok...

n i m actually added RM2 to upgrade the price to RM40...

n everything goes fine until i received the necklace =.=""

i was so shock n i even thought it should be like tat one..

but after i double check the picture in her site...i found tat its totally different!!! n its rust!!!!!

i emailed the seller but i havent got the reply....but i m a bit kanjiong cz i never have tis kind of experience before...

so i smsed her since i have a address n contact on the envelope...

finally she replied n said tat she only have 1 swallow necklace n its the one tat she used to capture the photo which posted in her blog....where i found the status of the necklace is Sorry, ALL gone~ ALL means? more than 1 right?

n she also said tat its actually not gold but something vintage gold...=.="" SOMEMORE THE NAME OF THE ITEM IS THE GOLDEN SWALLOW =.="""

n from wat i saw from her blog is gold n wat i saw from the necklace on my hand is RUST :(

however, she said that she is willing to pay me full amount or i can choose any items from her store in a limit of RM20.but i have to bear the postage =.=""

so i thought i should ask for refund n i asked her to refund me RM40 n i dont mind to bear the postage to post back to her....

however...she dont agree it n said that she will only refund me RM34!! n i thought she actually free postage for me tat time wen i buy tis necklace?

i didnt argue cz i tot its already ok for me if she want to refund me...

n....the other thing is..she want me to send her the necklace then only she refund me!


i ve already take 1 step back for the postage thingy n she still like tat :*(

so after discuss with my bf i decided to tell her tat wen i buy tis necklace i bank in to her first n she should do the same thing for me too...

n luckily she;s actually quite kind n refund me promptly..

however..i had lost my heart n i would never shop at her blogshop anymore :(

tis is the badESTTTTT online shopping experience!~ :(


ps: i will post back to her on Monday :( Kim! i wan urs la!!!!! urs only RM38!!! somemore branded!!!! i m so freaking sad la!!!!


Receiving tis....


Instead of tis....


n its RM40 :( kinda expensive but i love it at my first sight...

n my first sight is towards the bottom one...not the rust one as the top one :(

had emailed n smsed the seller regarding tis matter...

will update again :(

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  • kel
  • Quite big difference ,eh! It isn't even gold ,is it ?
    Better get hold of the blog owner for an exchange of product,girl.
  • yeah! she refunded to me d:( thank god....

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/03 02:50 回覆

  • Sarah
  • Wow that is kinda expensive for a necklace..girl, you shouldn'tve bear the postage for the sellers mistake. I know it happens everywhere. Just don't agree with this policy. =(
  • i know i shouldnt bear it..but i really dont wan to deal with her anymore...n also avoid all the dramas :(

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/03 02:52 回覆

  • Ashely
  • which blogshop is this? look so similiar 1
  • i dont wanna exposed her blogshop name here cz i thought its a bit unfair since she replied n refunded me promptly... but if u really keen to know..pls email me k? :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/03 02:53 回覆

  • kim
  • hey dear ya its a same necklace from f21 but mine i got it for RM38 if im not mistaken ya.. hope the buyer reply u soon ya
  • its not the same :( urs one far away more pretty la!!! so sad :(

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/03 02:53 回覆

  • SY
  • i planning to buy from this seller also, but never purchase through online, so dun dare hehe, so just "xin shang" her stuff in there :)
    wow, so much different, she don't know the necklace is like that when she want to post to you mie?
  • i dont know~ she said she only have 1 swallow necklace n tis is the only 1 she have n which she used to capture n put in her blog~ n then she said its not gold but a bit vintage gold tat kind...but wat i saw was ALL rust :(

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/03 02:55 回覆

  • Ketty
  • Yea yeap. go F21 buy, there's alot of accessories. Luckyly she refund back to you, if not really SUPER BAD !
  • ya! gonna find more at F21!~ i m actually bought it for my prom night :( now have to find others again :(

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/04 02:48 回覆

  • SY
  • >.< dun sad.. go forever 21 search ba.. since i saw got pp said there got.. i seem like saw at there.. hui ling, have you ever bought any clothes or anything from http://www.facebook.com/lovefashion1 this one? i love a lot of the clothes there, but scared not suit >.<
  • oo i m not really sure dear....cz i usually wont buy with those blogshop using those taiwan model pictures cz the quality often turned out not to be so good...but if u really like those taiwan clothes, maybe u can find Shi Hui...she's selling those Taiwan clothes~ some of them r really in good quality~ maybe u can ask her to recommend it to u :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/04 02:54 回覆

  • sharonbee
  • ooopsss..u're talking bout my fren's blogshop...
    but seriously , all the stocks she took are from taiwan and that is y it's overpriced by comparing to the local's ones..~
    no harm ya, i'm just telling u bout y the price is high jek...
  • oopss.....sorry dear...i didnt know tat it's ur friend's blogshop :(

    between, check ur mail box k? wee wee muahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/04 02:55 回覆

  • winnaa
  • oh dear, sorry to hear that, i think you should share your story here.
    there're lotsa irresponsible around town recently, we must be very careful next time ya :D
  • ya dear....i know about tat site...justfound it recently n read a lot of their posts..
    n i never think tat i would be 1 of the victim..
    but its all over d....will be more careful next time! thx a lot gal! u too ya :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/04 20:40 回覆

  • yan
  • maybe she got the pics from the supplier? as stated above its from taiwan, and this explains why the stuff is different...she got conned by her supplier too, hahaha I am just guessing, but its not good to cheat on customers if their stuffs are different from the photo..I nearly bought sth from her site until I read ur post...lol
  • nope dear..she took the photo herself..tis is wat she told me...as wat i written in my post...she said tat she have the only 1 swallow necklace which she took it for the photoshoot for the picture in her blogshop..:p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/05 02:30 回覆

  • Irenelim
  • Oh, what big difference between the photo and the actual stuff! I really admire how she took the photo to make it look so so much nicer.

    Anyway, when you buy online, always buy from reputable online retailers, those with a brick and mortar presence will be best. :)
  • yeah! i know! very cautious d now! ha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/14 18:27 回覆