I heart the night...very very much....

It consider as my first cat walk fashion show!

Everyone is so pro! Especially the designer!

Special thx to all of the designer for their hard work and patient...



pics credited to Cecelia

Our practice time! see all the hot models! pheeewwwiiiit!!!!

Here comes the day...n tat's my make up after the light make up show in the morning~

Christina turn the my green eyes into dark blue smokey eyes!~




pic credited to Christina Foo

In the midst of trying out the accesories~

3.jpg 26541_1321551492548_1643655505_772139_6537201_n.jpg26541_1321550932534_1643655505_772127_7118942_n.jpg 26541_1321551452547_1643655505_772138_1917891_n.jpg

Pics credited to Nor *clickclick*

Practicing the poses in the toilet =.=" so damn ganjiong ar tat time!~


pic credited Hiroko Jia Yi

n..it's the show!!!~

Different photographer with different style of capturing n editing~


23431_389404448936_723593936_3853270_5278308_n.jpg 23431_389404458936_723593936_3853271_6670290_n.jpg

pics credited to Kuet Tai

24075_1394630911785_1412564290_1081920_1649888_n.jpg 24075_1394630951786_1412564290_1081921_2742637_n.jpg

pics credited to Neils Chan

my last dress :p

23624_1396686565509_1482590839_31027186_4451064_n.jpg 23624_1396686525508_1482590839_31027185_2242705_n.jpg

pics credited to Qing Qing

25291_388928173936_723593936_3835564_2081530_n.jpg 23431_389409208936_723593936_3853345_1868325_n.jpg

pics credited to Kuet Tai

  24075_1394632871834_1412564290_1081967_32496_n.jpg 24075_1394632911835_1412564290_1081968_4757286_n.jpg

pics credited to Neils Chan

I love Neils's last photos!~

da finalleeeeeeee~~


pic credited to Kseong Bear




pics credited to Hiroko Jia Yi


Tat's our designers! Left 2nd, right 3rd and 4th. The right 3rd which is the gal beside me is my designer :p she's really really pretty!!

The show finally ended...really thx to ChitPei for giving such a great memory!

Especially the moments when all the models rushing off to change their clothes..throw things here n there....

n oso the moment while standing in the center of the small stage!

Never got tis feeling before!

thx to all the photographer for being there! ~


Dont know wat's the feeling if i see this post again after i graduate (hopefullu)!

i guess i ve done my best in pursuing my dreams!

music sharing coming up next! on 15 of April!~

i m gonna utilize all my time left in uni n work harder n harder!

Hope my dreams all come true...gampateh kudasai!!!!!!



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  • xiao xing
  • Hey girl. You look really great!!! Bravo!
    Thanks for sharing the photos. I enjoyed looking at them^^
    Hope your dreams will all come true!
    Jia you!
  • thx a lot gal! hugsss~ n yeah...me too..wish all ur dreams come true k? as wat ang always said, 再平凡也有梦 :p thx love!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/06 02:09 回覆

  • Qing
  • Thanks for the Blog URL

    Nice~ Pretty girl~
    Good Job..
    Let us see a good Fashion Show..
    but my name is Qing.. Not QiQi~
  • oopss sorry..i know ur name is qing....ahahaa sorry for my blur....cz just now a gal name qi qi chatting with me in facebook~haaha

    anyway, thx :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/06 18:45 回覆