*Posted it in Lookbook :p hype if u like~*


I almost forgot tat my exam JUST FINISHED!

i thought it happened long long ago until Bear reminded me tat my exam just finished on Friday morning =.="

wat m doing now is searching up n down for part time jobs! =.="

i dont feel like resting though...i dont know y! lolzz

n...still remember tat tutu tat i love much? YES! I GOT IT!!!!






Leopard print hair accesories from forever 21 too! nice rite? grab it right after i saw it! n its RM7 only!


Another awesome buy!

Guess how much i bought tis bodycon dress?

RM16 only!~!!! OMG! its so cheap!

It should be RM15 for 2, but i dont know how the quality was..n m a serious risk adverse ppl!

Never wanna take risk especially online shopping!

but the result turned out VERY GOOD!

it's thick cotton....not THIN! Happpyyyy!!!!

n here's the outfit!~


i somewhat hate tis photo cz i jz realized tat i look so bald! =.=" tied my hair too tight already! =.="

Additional notes :

I bought Maybeline gel eyeliner! my MJ's liquid eyeliner was dead! so i bought a new one!

If u r looking for gel eyeliner, try tis out! superb comfy n easy to draw!


So m da ballerina today!


*Bald again! sigh!!! =.=" Learned a lesson! lolz*

Still da same bag! n same bag again for the next post! lolzzz

it proved tat it is not hard to pair it up with clothes!~





YEEHOO!!!! TUTU IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OHYA! Anyone can ask me something in my Form Spring or not? Help me to break the egg! lolzz haah

Ask here!~

ps: I went for interview today...n I only walk in to 1 boutique...dont know how's da result...not much confident...but i know..Tat's wat i want! Gonna go for more tmw! wish me luck!!!!!!! I CAN! I CAN! I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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