I tell u! its so hard to camwhore using DSLR!!! It's so heavy!!!! my muscles coming out d! lolzzz


Yo! I dont know y..bt i have a really good in dressing up today!

maybe its becz m goin to meet my fahsion idol Jezmine soon!!!!!!!!

anyway..did u realize tat my hair curls r not equal?

lolz! i have no idea y it turn out to be like tat..cz i thong it using the same direction!

maybe its the volume matter~ dont know~ haha


n yo! i love my new necklace much!!!

DSC_0464.JPG DSC_0467.JPG

Bear took tis picture...kinda like da feel~


Outfit of da day! i love every single thing tat i wore tat day! especially my leopard print bag!~!!!


it's a gift from my bro! he said he knew tat it's mine once he saw it! haha n yes! i love it so much!!! thank you!!!!


hat from Jonker street! really thanks to Kim for helping me to get it! or else, i will be regret like forever!

n yeah! tat's my lovely scallopy jumpsuitt!!!!!


see how nice the quality is? totally worth every cent tat i ve paid!


yo! tat's my little vintage shoe from Trend report!


sorry its a bit dirty d! haha cz i wore it for the whole day long! n its sosososososo comfy!




yeah!!!!! Old Blossom Box Store Review coming up next!!!!!!!!

Stay tunetunetune!!!! OMG! I LOVE EVERYTHING IN HER SHOP!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ~L~ing
  • i think when u curl ur hair, try to divide it, don't curl all together at one time.
    and try to curl the hair inwards, don't curl it same direction... and it will be better :)
  • hmmm i divided it..but not in the same portion i guess!!! hahahaha lolz n thx for ur suggestion! will try to curl inwards next time~ :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/18 23:36 回覆

  • Ketty
  • Dear. u get the jumpsuit from Room8008 ? Look nice on you ;)
    Yes, agree with L~ing. do it separately will look better and natural ;)
  • ya! its from her~ eehe n thx! n will try again next time for the curling part! lolzz wat a failure! hahah

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/18 23:36 回覆

  • kiM
  • welcome girl! u look great in that hat, jumpsuit i should say everything!!! so pretty!!! jezmine shop is so cute right..so sad i din take pic that time i went coz im too ugly that day..hehe
  • thx dear! lolzz its all credit to u! the hat..the shoe!~ haah n yes! her shop really nice!!!!
    n i nearly gone crazy n buy everything there! ohmy! luckily da bf is there, if not....die lo...everyday eat grass! hahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/18 23:38 回覆

  • yizhuen
  • everything r nice
    don noe to describe
    in my opinion, this jumpsuit is more suit u compare to the long long de jumpsuit =)
    sound so great abt the old blossom box store but cant be there
    so sad....hehe
  • hehe..yalo! but long jumpsuit is so in trend now! ok...i know..we shouldnt follow fashion blindly isnt it! hahah

    n no worries dear..u can still purchase or view their stuff online!~ wang mei zi ke!~ ahhaa

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/19 03:23 回覆