Halo everyone! yeah!!! finally i can online now!

anyway...Taiwan ppl REALLY NICE!!!!!!!!!

they greet every once they saw ppl!!!!!

omg! diont know how to describe how wonderful they r!

n n n

i'm having FOOD-HAND-MOUTH DESEASE right now!!!!!


n my whole palm hurt by super hot water!

will post the photos if i have time tonight..


all these thing does not affect my shopping n travelling mood!!!


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  • Janice
  • WTH!!! HFM disease?! how come... =( please take care. usually it will recover by itself. but i know how hurtful can it be when blisters are all over your palms and feet (especially feet, cause you walk in them, what not you are travelling. how can you not walk.). and you have to bear with the blisters drying up and the skin peeling part. Please keep yourself cool always! any heat will just irritates your blisters!!! =)

    aside that, really wish you have a great trip in taiwan =) got visit the hello kitty cafe aah? i can foresee you go crazy in it. hohoho.