I was curling my hair tat morning...n the most weird thing is...

the result usually turned off to be something different with my expectation...

even though the technic that i used is the same..=.="


n oso..

I found that its been a long time i did not update my fashion diary post...

Gonna create a new page for tat d..cz the photos r getting more n more n more...

n i found that my pictures' quality r all damaged by me...

i dont know it until Bear told me!


so he would be the person in charge to edit my photo for the next outfit post!

* hahaha a good excuse for me for being lazy!*


k la! omg! y i sound so random???

DSC_0414.JPG  DSC_0416.JPG

i love this hair curl!!!! wavey n natural!

but i know i would never get this curl anymore unless i master my curling skills!

  DSC_0436 (2).jpg


OBB love~

DSC_0442.JPG DSC_0459.JPG

Dress, Shoe, Pearl Bracelet : Taiwan

Bag : Old Blossom Box Store *OBB*


Enjoy :p


Preview : White laces, Maxi ssss, Can Can Hat = Bosmia Style!~

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  • yizhuen
  • the skirt, the shoes,the everything look nice =P
    good job, sherlyn ....
    the skirt and the blouse is 2 pieces right??
    the curly wave look natural too

    that handbag is selling fast....i found 2 website sell the same bags but the brown colour was finished =)
    wait for next post
  • nope dear...its one piece dress! awesome right!
    no need to pair up so mafan! lolzzz haha
    m a lazy bum!~

    n yes..i saw others selling oso..n brown r all sold out! lolzzz haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/04 14:15 回覆

  • theng
  • hey darl ..
    love ur whole outfit and the gyaru eye liner ..
    ur make up skills and ur curling skills for ur hair is improve a lot a lot ..
    keep it up !!
  • thx dear! m still learning leh! wei...u faster post make up post la! teach me a bit! lolzz haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/04 14:38 回覆

  • khailing
  • eh your dress is awesome! it doesnt look "low-waist" like u said. worth every penny!
  • i tell u wat! i saw it at sunway today!!!
    OMG!n its the fake version!! mamamia!!!!! the quality far away poorer than this! n the price no need to say liao!!! really worth arrrrr...luckily i bought it at Taiwan! oh my...i feel like flying taiwan n stay there d! :((((

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/05 00:11 回覆

  • detectiveang
  • 1st pic is nice! should make it profile pic.
  • wah! the first time u praise wor!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/08 23:37 回覆