I tat little red polka dot bunny ears! I've got myself 3 colors when i was in Taiwan!


Had been dumbed this clincher for quite sometime..


Maxi with flats?YES! why not?



Love the ruffle details of the lace dress!!~



Ice Cream Straw Bag!!!!

I had seeen this bag before in Malaysia online blogshops...

However, its all sold out before i grab it!!!!

I was so happy wen i found it at Taiwan!


Pls ignore the red dark spot..the side effect of my Hand-Food-Mouth-Disease have yet to be fully recovered...



Red polka dots bunny ears : Taiwan

Red Ribbon Earrings : Forever 21

Lace Dress : OBB

Clincher : Online

Shoe : Taiwan

Ice Cream Straw Bag : Taiwan


Photos taken and edited by Kseong, Ang (Mr.Bear)


Vivi July issue is all about lace maxi dress!

However, it's really really really hard to find lace maxi dress in Malaysia!

Thank god there are online blogshops who bring all those pretty clothes all the way from Bangkok!

M still hunting for nice maxi right now!

If anyone of u happened to found any nice maxi dress, pls share here k?

Hope you enjoy!~:p

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  • 悄悄話
  • yizhuen
  • miss ur blog so much
    finally have time to view it =)
    the red dots bunny ears is it have wire in it??
    o u tie it urself???
    it is match with ur lace maxi...hehe
    that ribbon flat is so sui =D
    keep it on....
    thx for sharing the mix and match
    sherlyn, this style call hami style ??
  • lolz! thx dear!~ yaya! there's a wire inside...
    but beware if u wanna buy~ cz i saw lotsa bunny ears with really really soft wire which will not be nice wen u tie it~ try to find those hard a bit one~ haha
    n hor..i oso dont know this is hami style leh? oopsss~ haah

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/12 23:05 回覆

  • Lynette
  • Miss ur outfit blog =) Nice lacey dress.. Cant wait for u to raid ur wardrobe clothes again..
  • ehhe thx dear! still korek-ing all the baju come out to take photo! ahah no money buy new clothes le :((((

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/12 23:06 回覆

  • sweetchichi
  • i love ur polka dots bunny ears and the earrings, they're really cute
    it seems lke u had a wonderful shopping trip in Taiwan XD
  • thx dear! yeah! i really miss Taiwan so much! so envy u Taiwan gals there! u gals r so fair n thin!!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/12 23:07 回覆

  • Jasmine
  • lovely dress , but to be honest i dont read chinese so its pretty hard for me to comment , lol i am just guessing that this is the column to write
  • owh really? sorry nehx! i really dont know hwo to make it into english :( anyway, thx a lot for trying to comment here! it meant a lot for me! thx n i will surely check tis out :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/13 22:54 回覆

  • Jasmine
  • no worries girl ! will be back from time to time ♥
  • thx gal! big huggiessss

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/14 22:52 回覆