I guess most of u already know that my hand hurt by hot boil water when i was in Taiwan!



yeah! its dark like tat for freaking 2 weeks!

i was really depressed about it...somemore ppl around me keep telling me tat: SURE GOT SCAR LIAO LO! BIG BIG THAT KIND!

i was like...arghhh m already sad about it y cant ppl just give me some hope?

but i guess i cant blame anyone since its a normal reaction of ppl..

mind u..some ppl even critized me tat my hand is super ugly n show me their super ugly mood face!fml


everything gets better wen i saw this!!!!!!!


the skin is peeling!!!!! means there's hope!!!!!!! first week wen i bac from Taiwan!~


2nd week....


3rd week....


the end of 3rd week until now!


its even fairer than my previous skin!!!!!!!!


but there's still a very small white scar there....


The reason that i post this out is bcz..i know how much it hurts wen u know tat ur hand/body gonna have scar soon...

no matter how, dont be upset k?

cheer up n start looking for the solution!

i really wanna say thank you to the motel bosss..

she applied this to me immediately once my hand hurt by hot boil water...

This is seriously popular in Taiwan!

Even Taiwan bloggers blog about it!

I cant find the post now but i can still remember that she use this as her foot care! n she have a pair of super fair + gorgeous leg!

It's now in Malaysia!

u can see here for more infomation --> Tongue in Chic Beauty Bank


n this is another hand care that i got from Taiwan..

i used this everyday since the next day i got hurt until my hand recover..

this is the main one tat i used for my hand..

i only apply vaseline once it got hurts ....cz i dont have any there =.="


i dont know whether u guys r told not to eat kicap whenver u get hurt in order to prevent scars..

my mom warn me tat..

so i didnt got to eat chicken n anything toxic for 3 weeks =.="""

but i guess its worth after all...

thank godddd....chantchantchanttttt


What I've Learned from this incident :

Be extremely carefull with hot boil water!=.="

i have hot water phobia now! helppppppp


ps: m trying out Liese Bubble Hair Dye soon! so if u wanna know more about this product...stay tune!

* i didnt get paid for the review..so no worries...its all honest opinions!*


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  • ketty
  • I'm using the Vaseline too. Really moisture and smell good, not sticky at all. I feel it better than Body Shop lotion. Yea. must be careful next time :)
  • yeah! m gonna buy it for my ugly leg now! lolzz hahaha
    thx for the concern nehx..n i guess will definately be careful next time! lolzzz

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/17 11:52 回覆

  • yukiri
  • still pretty hand~ *^-^*
  • thxthx~ but still got a small scar ter..haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/17 11:55 回覆

  • Sarah
  • omg that looks painful =( I'm so glad its better now! Last time I had chicken pox when I was 20 yrs old and I was so sad cos I thought the scar will stay there forever. But it went away after a few months. Only left few spots though but I know how you feel abt scars~

    Oh I've heard many mixed reviews abt that hair dye. some say the color doesn't last long. Can't wait to see what you think abt it =)
  • thx dear! really? u have ur chicken pox wen u were 20 years old? ohhh wait! i tot u r just secondary school? u look so small!! lolzzzz haha m really worry about my HFM disease scars now~ hopefully like wat u said..it will recover after few motnhs!~ sighhh

    i heard about that too..
    hopefully it turn out to be good cz it really depends on which type of hair u have~ i never tried before....garrrr so nervous! haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/18 11:42 回覆

  • yizhuen
  • congratz to ur hand
    recover all liao
    vaseline really very good
    my lip is sensitive de, always dry
    vaseline just help to moisture my lip a lot
    the most important it is cheap!!!
  • thxxxx! really? wow! seems like a lot of good reviews on it! gonna buy one for myself soon!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/18 11:43 回覆

  • BEE
  • tot vaseline is in msia for a long time?
    i used tat for my face too~whenever it's peeling
  • really? can use on face de meh?hehe i never know tat! lolzz

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/19 18:32 回覆