Recently, i have received lotsa enquiries regarding what hair styling products that i'm using/which brand of hair styling products works the best for temporary perm/what hair spray that i'm using n a lot more!

So, yeah! i decided to share all the hair styling products that i'm using now!

Everything can be found in any watson/guardian/jusco anywhere! n they r all affordable!

*cz i'm still student n just graduated n just employed n just unemployed =.=""*

Here we go!!!!


Back Left : VS soft wave mousse, Lucido-L hair curl lotion (Airy), CatWalk TIGI hair spray, BedHead TIGI Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner

Front Left : Liese #04 Clear Cube Wax, Lucido-L Ultimate Fluffiness, Lucido-L Soft Touch, Gatsby Wild Shake & Gatsby Air Rise



VS soft wave mousse



I got this mousse from Taiwan Watson at around NT100 only! So regret that i didnt buy more!

cz i tot this kind of bottle might be restricted to bring in to the airplane! sighhh lolz

anyway, this is the best pre-styling product that i have!

It really helps in ensuring my curls stay at their own places =.=" for the whole day long!

I used this especially when i'm goin for any performance or photoshooting session!~

*Have to use slowly cz Malaysia dont have ! =.=""*



Lucido_L's products!


Lucido-L Ultimate Fluffiness (Yellow)   

Lucido-L Soft Touch (Purple)

Lucido-L hair curl lotion (Airy)(Pink)


Lucido-L hair curl lotion (Airy)(Pink) is another type of pre-styling products!~*apply before hair perming*

It works somewhat similar with VS soft wave mousse!~

i usually use this when i perm my hair very often since its available here n i restock it easily! hahaha lolzz

i know its lame!anyway, VS soft wave mousse still works the best to me :p


Lucido-L Soft Touch (Purple) is also one of the pre-styling products!

The only different is that it is useful for straight hair instead of perm hair!~

n i use it everytime i tie a pony tail so tat my hair will look much more softer and smoother!~


Lucido-L Ultimate Fluffiness (Yellow), a post-styling products instead!

I used to apply this right after i thong-ed my hair!~

Anyway, i dont really like this cz i cant really see any difference before n after applying it! my curls never stand everyonce i use this! =.=""



 Liese #04 Clear Cube Wax



I got this at Taiwan as well! but i bet its now available in Malaysia!

*They have a wide range of hair dye products that i wish to share with guys next time! excitedddd*



Again, it is a post-styling products!

This is really especially when i wanted to create a soft wave effect!

I rate this as my 2nd best post-styling products!

I mean in the range of wax products!~



Gatsby Wild Shake (Purple) & Gatsby Air Rise(Green)


I love the purple one!

My curl wont ever drop everyonce i use this!

It's the best hair wax that i recommend!

I never use the green one before~ but i guess its more to guys! lollz haha



CatWalk TIGI hair spray (Left), BedHead TIGI Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner (Right)


Bet lots of u know about this brand!

For now, i guess the hair spray is the most suitable hair spray for me!

It is really soft n not like others hair spray which give u the hard n thick n messy effect! lolzz hahaha

but there's a weakness which is, u have to apply wax before the hair spray in order to get the perfect lasting effect!

this is wat the sales girl told me n i have tried! yes, it works really well!


The right one (pink) smells really really nice! Strong strawberry smell!

I used it especially whenever i dont feel like thong-ing my hair~

It smoothen my hair really well!

I always apply it right after i wash my hair n hair dry it after that!~


Some examples :


Using Lucido-L hair curl lotion (Airy)(Pink) before perming and Gatsby Wild Shake (Purple) after perming.

It lasted perfectly for the whole day long!

The curl still remain even though i sweat a lot that night!

n the most interesting part is, i didnt even use hair spray!!!! =.="" ahaha



DSC_0072 copy.jpg

Using Lucido-L hair curl lotion (Airy)(Pink) before perming and Lucido-L Ultimate Fluffiness (Yellow) after perming.

It does not really last! one of the reason is also because of the hairspray that i used that time!

I dont have a hairpsray that time so i just grab whatever that i can find in my house!ahaha



Using Lucido-L Soft Touch (Purple) and CatWalk TIGI hair spray (Left)



Using Using Lucido-L hair curl lotion (Airy)(Pink) before perming and Liese #04 Clear Cube Wax after perming.

Cant really last :(


Using BedHead TIGI Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner (hair semi dry) and Lucido-L Soft Touch (Purple) after dry.

Using CatWalk TIGI hair spray as well for fringe! n it works really good! soft yet lasting!



The best lasting curls that i ever had!~

Using VS soft wave mousse before perming, Gatsby Wild Shake (Purple) after perming and CatWalk TIGI hair spray~


Hope this post works for most of u out there!~

Hair styling product depends a lot on which type of hair u have as well!~

Everybody will have different favourite hair styling products~!

This is just a reference only!

Wish you gals found something that u wish to know here :p

thx for reading~:p

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  • YY
  • I saw this VS soft wave mousse in Taiwan too..I wanna get one but at last dint make it..too bad
  • ya! i saw Taiwan bloggers blog about it before!~ n its so cheap! but nvm la~ u will definately stil have chance to go there again!~ hehe

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/25 13:24 回覆

  • yizhuen
  • i sometimes use this -- Lucido-L Soft Touch (Purple).
    i like it also ....bcos my hair is straight...after put on this will b more natural
    one day ,i want learn curling my hair too
    u really very pandai =)
  • yaya! its really soft n smooth after applying it right?
    i m still learning oso ! haah fast fast learn ba! :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/27 02:12 回覆

  • cheryl
  • hey, may i know what diameter of curler you use? how many mm...thanks :)
  • hmm i dont tis a giftfrom my bro..the only thing tat i know is that it is the biggest thong tat i ever seen! hahah

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/27 02:12 回覆