I used to put all my bags in a big pinkish box!

However, its full already! So, due to laziness, i just put all my new bags beside the box!

n guess wat? *BAG*SLIDE* happened!

All the bags slided down straight to my maggi meee! *i dont have a table right now! so i do all my daily activities either on the floor or bed*

I ARGHHHH n fly straight to rescue my pretty bags!

n Thank god!they were safe!

BUT, they r now full with the smell of my Maggi Mee!

So i asked bear for anything that i can spray on my bags so that i can get rid the smell!

Bear didnt answer me =.=" He used to be like tat especially when he's surfing the net!FB-ing for whole day long!

So i just i take out the Febreez and spray all over the bag PLUS all over my house!*cz its quite smelly oso!*

Suddenly, he jump out from his lap n shouted, GOD! THIS IS FOR MATTRESS/CLOTHES! NOT FOR OTHER AREA!

I had already spray the Febreez almost 99% of our room that time:(

At the end, his upper body full with Febreez smell =.="

*cz i spray all over on top of his head n laptop =.=" he nearly faint after seeing my action!*

So how ar? i dont know ma :( i've asked u n u dont want to answer me so i ma spary the whole house with the newly bought Febreez lo :(



I'm so craving for Ice cream n thought wanna make myself a milo ice cream!

So, I tear off the 3 in 1 milo ready packet n put on hot boil water, stir it n fridge it!

GOD! Bear shouted again!


OMG! I totally forgot about this thing!

He laughed so seriously at me!

I know...i'm always the silly one :(

Sorry lo :((((


Silly Sherlyn with silly spec =.="

Don't look at this picture if u can't sleep! cz it will make ur insomnia more serious! wahahaha

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  • Michele
  • haha.. silly piggy~ lucky ur beg is still ok after the spray~
    but u r cute this way.. hehe.. just learn fr mistake can d lo..
    sometime small small things we will forget de ma.. so its wat having a bf for lo~
    to giv us some advice n concern with our things here n there ^^
  • heeh lolzzz haizz...yala! but tis makes me depends a lot on him! hahah but i guess i'm better nw~! haha its just tat tis 2 incidents make me feel so silly! hahha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/26 15:16 回覆

  • ketty
  • hahahahahaha ! That's funny. I laugh while reading this.
    You're so cute in this way. blur blur one :)
    Cute !
  • haha lolz! i m really blur de :( sigh loll haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/27 02:11 回覆

  • yizhuen
  • i laugh when reading this silly post
    febreeze is so useful punya...
    nvm ....u have a bf that always correct ur mistakes +)
    stay cute =]
  • lolzzz! aahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/27 02:11 回覆