Featured at Ugly Duckling Closet!!!!Happppyyyy!!!! Danceeeeeee~!

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I had been jobless for 3 days and the feeling was really really weird!

I slept for so many hours and I'm yet to be satisfied =.="

Anyway, I'm really busy for these 2 days!

Really sorry for the Taiwan post! there are still 2 days left to be written...

n I might postpone it to next week since my convo is this Sat and there are really lots of things to be prepared~


*Jump title*

So, YEAH!!!!! I received my parcel from Ugly Duckling*click*!!!!!!


See~ how cute the parcel is!!!!!
OMG! n arent smileys cute?

heheh...k la~ even if u know my address u wont find me there d..cz i'm shifting out soon!

I've got a top, a dress & a bag and i'm now broke....broke....broke... :(


Make up of the day!

This is my 2nd attempt for the Angelababy eyes! still need to work out more! I really wan to find the best way to stick my eyelids so that it will look natural even without falsies~

*Did u realize that my fringe is super long now? How? cut it or not cut it? HELP*


My vintage earrings!

I got this pair of earring *accidentally* n i was so reluctant to use it since it is not the pair that i wanted!

I was searching up n down for a pair of vintage earring with soft tone so that it can match well with my dress! n yeah!

I found it n finally i got to use it!

so, yes! another not-wasted item from the impulse purchases :p

n that's the dress that i got from them this time!

thought of sharing the model photos of this dress with u guys...but i couldnt find it anymore in their site..

guess they removed it since its sold out~


the bag that i carried for that day~ i used it for 3 times d! yeah! i'm gonna fully utilize everything that i have now!

*since i cant sell my clothes anymore n guess this is the way to ensure that everything tat i bought were perfectly chosen! no more impulse purchase allowed!*


Some outfit photos :



We were in the midst of trying out new style of photoshoots~ guess we need more time n experience so tat we could produce the best pictures!~



*Tried to creat the wind blow hair effect! ha but failed! n i look like ghost instead! lolzz *

I was seriously worry at the moment when i decided to buy this dress! cz i never buy white dress before!

I mean pure white! Thought tat white color will surely *enlarge* my body size! lolz ahha

but to my surprise, it did not! I think it's becz of the material...

I dont know how to describe about the material..its really stretchable~ 

n the quality of this dress was perfect! 



Love the bows and peter pan collars!

How about u?


*Jump title*

ohya! I met my reader aka friend of Bear that day!

A lil nervous but happy! She's outspoken n friendly of course~!

Xing Zi, glad to meet u that day!

I'm not very good in social/meeting new friends! Hopefully u have a good impression about me~ haahah



okies! so i jumped 3 times in just a post =.=""

Goin bac to uni tmw to get my robe!!!!!!

Yahoo! I'm excitedddddddddddd!!!!!!


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  • yan
  • nice dress u got and fit u perfectly, so pretty:D
    I love udc's dresses too, so unique and prettyy...just that I am controlling myself not to spend online at least a month since 11 july and it has been more than half a month,yay to myself, lol save money save money:D
    and y u cant sell ur dress online anymore?:( tot of waiting ur preloved to update so that I can buy it, love the way u wear:)
  • thx a lot gal! n wow! u r such a great gal! m controlling too anyway..never been buying anything from other blogshop for months d..only buy from the few blogshops that i trusted much! cz i hate bad quality clothes! lolzz hahaha
    n ohya..cant sell d cz i m not sure whether the gov will be tat strict or not..so better not selling d lo~ but if u interested, can fill in ur email in the form spring box in the latest post...i shall add u in the mailing list :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/29 08:17 回覆

  • theng
  • hey babe,
    Where u move ??? move back to PG ???
    oh ya, tmr i also will going back to take my robe,can meet tmr ya =)
  • ya~ penangggggg~
    ei...i went d today...cz scare tmw got lotsa ppl~ c ya on convo la!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/29 18:06 回覆

  • 信子
  • how come my name is xiao xing?! =.="
    thank you give me such credits. but i am very bad at socializing and meeting new friends too. hopefully i didn't stress u and your bear out that day! =D (in fact, i am soooooooooo nervous that day! :D)

    you're as pretty as i thought. but a little bit low self-esteem, which is out of my expectation >_< as u r such a pretty girl =) like i said, next time whenever ppl say u r pretty/beautiful or whatever.. say thankyou! do not reject back =D

    nice knowing u too!
  • oopss..sorry sorry...type wrong~ hahah tat's pei xin's name! lolzz hahaa

    thx a lot for the encouragement leh! haah n i wil learn to say thank you next time! lolzz

    nice to meet u there n hopefully we can meet again next time :p

    Between, i cant find ur FB leh, dont have ur name i dont know y, can u add me?

    piggysherlyn87yahoo .com

    thxthx :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/30 11:44 回覆

  • 信子
  • did u realize i added you in fb d? =)

    oh ya... were u happy meeting ur "fans" reader?
    and saying thank you when ppl praise u is the first "homework" XD
  • yaya! i saw ur name few days ago! lolzz haha
    ok dear.i will...:p hopefully la! hahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/04 13:30 回覆

  • khailing
  • someone didnt pick up my call the entire noon T_______________________T
  • i was seriously busy siao tat day..n i cant see u!!!!!!!!
    n wen i saw ur miss cal...u had called michele tat u r tired n goin bac d :(((

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/04 13:31 回覆

  • khailing
  • eh i comment on the wrong post. supposedly wana comment on the convo one. paiseh hahaha.
  • walao! so far lo! hahah but nvm la~ meaning tat u open few tabs in one go! hahahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/04 13:31 回覆