This is an auto generated post :(

Knew that i would be seriosly busy for my convocation and house moving~

Just wanna share my favourite shoes here :p

Hope u enjoy~


#1 MY favourite Pink Gladiator



Sg, Wang, RM65


#2 Bohemian Gladiator



Taiwan, NT290


#3 Nude Gladiator



Taiwan, NT290


#4 Bowies Heels



Opera, RM80 (Bought Long time ago)

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  • yizhuen
  • i like the pink gladiator !!
    look sui and sweet
    others gladiator also sui
    u should buy a lot when u at taiwan =)
    there very cheap
  • thx! yeah! but i was a lil faint tat time cz there r too many gladiatorrrssss!!!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/04 13:32 回覆

  • ketty
  • NT290 means RM29 only ?! So so cheap and nice !
    Yea, you should buy more dear. I like the nude Gladiator. nice :)
    When are you going to BKK ? :)
  • hmm around 30 like taT~ hhehe
    n no la! no money yet! got another plan first :)
    wish to go bkk too!! arghhhh

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/04 13:33 回覆

  • noobita
  • NTD 290 only so cheap and nice!!! regret for not buying this kind of shoes in Taiwan :(
  • need not regret..u will surely go again! muahahah

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/04 13:34 回覆