I'm not sure whether u gals heard about the news where online seller must own a license in order to sell their items legally?

I'm not sure whether it's ok for me to sell here...

Therefore, i've decided to close the site but do it privately instead...

I mean to close readers / friends..

Therefore, if u r interested to view any items that i'm letting out, pls type ur email into the Form Spring box below.

I will include u guys in the mailing list :p

Not to worry cz nobody's gonna see ur email/questions unless i approve it~

Feel free to ask for the availability for sale just incase u seen anything nice/interested to buy :p

Thanks! hugsss~

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  • thing
  • i want to be in the mailing list. :)
  • sure gal~ :p will include u in the mailing list~

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/29 18:05 回覆

  • tien
  • me too ;D
  • dewi
  • license?

    im selling online, but i dun hv license..do we need to hv one? never heard of it..