All pictures credit to Ugly Duckling Closet

I hope that i can be a member in Hoe's family so that i will not need to think about the cents and grab it right immediately they posted it up :(((((

How good if all of these r mineeee!!!!!

I wanna be R.I.C.H!


Awaiting her to unwrab everything n start taking her outfit pictures with this 23 pieces of ASOS clothes!

MY latest Crave! TopShop scallopy tights!

Perfect outfit of Jing~ wish to be casual like this but fashionable at the same time!

Sorry Jing for stealing ur photo! lolzz

its really really really niceeee :(

so sad tat we cant get it in Malaysia!



The end of a shopaholic's dream!

Wake-ing up now~

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  • Jing
  • Awww, so shock to see my face staring right back at me LOL! :P And and and i stalked ASOS for at least 3 days 3 nights before accidentally clicking on the 'Pay now' button, that's why im eating grass at the moment! T_T

    And you've alot of pretty clothes alrdy dear! :)
  • no worries, n i wont feel sad even if i have to eat grass in exchange with all those pretty clotheeesss~

    awaiting for ur outfit piccsss~ every single moment! lolzz

    u gave me lotsa inspiration! i'm ur little fan leh! hehehe

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/29 18:19 回覆

  • yizhuen
  • hehe
    the scallop tight is so chio !!!!
    i think it will sell in m'sia soon
    hope to u share abt those kind of outfit
    u can resist them =)
  • maybe..but very rare the chance....:(

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/04 13:32 回覆