Let's have fun!!!!9 Lian Pai! *9 continous silly shoots!*

 DSC_1374.JPG DSC_1375.JPG DSC_1376.JPG DSC_1377.JPG DSC_1378.JPG DSC_1379.JPG DSC_1380.JPG DSC_1381.JPG

k! my inner clothes coming out already! lolzz


Ah Pek!!! Run Faster!!!!!

BB ss funny Potrait~


My faculty!!!


Too hot to smileee~


da formal one! lolzz




ehehe~ headache la! can / not?


The best picture of the day! cz u cant see my face! =.="" FML~

BeaR ss funny Potrait~


Seriously, my skill sucksss! =.="" poor bear!


his signature pose! =.="" n the car door still hanging there =.="" hahaha


double chin come out liao! sorry :(((


i think this is great?! perfect shoot! i love this!muahahah

indirectly praising my own skill! howhow? haha


kinda love this? nice?



okla! we shall end here with this super handsome picture!

can be the ambassador for MMU liao lo!

k chaooo~


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  • xiao xing
  • haha, can't stop smiling while looking at all your photos.
    Really nice, you'll have a great memory of your MMU life!!!
    Congratulations again and see you soon^^

    p/s: You both are so cute ;p
  • heheh yeah! its ur time soon too! time passes super fast! hopefully we earned enough money n able to pay u a visit during ur convo!!! lolzz haha
    thx again gal! c ya soon! :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/06 04:22 回覆

  • kiM
  • Congrats dear...so sorry cant make it to ur convo!!! rmb that first time we met is on my convo! Times flies and now is ur turn!! so happy for you..am sure u'll have a very bright future!:D

    Gambateh ya
  • no worries dear! ya! i still remember too!!! time fliesss :( we r getting older n older now :( thx a lot for the encouragement! u too! gampateh in ur future! i know u can make it till the top level! yeah!~ jiayoujiayoujiayou!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/06 04:27 回覆