Halo everyone!

IS anyone still here? haha

I had been busy for the whole bloody week!!!!

House moving ^3 + Penang + Clearing room ^3 = F.A.I.N.T

n i havent even done clearing my room! it's like only 10% done! omigggoshhh

As u can see, i've changed my hair style!!!!

Anyway, its temporary only! cz i'm not get use to it yet...

Tat's the only night i center part my hair instead of side parting~


I have lotsa planning ahead!

YES! USA Work n Travel!!!

I'm really excited at the very first minute wen i know that i've got the US VISA!

n i started to worry on EVERYTHING once i get bac to my home itself!

Too much things to buy n prepare!!!!

I dont know wat should i bring n wat should i prepare :(

I dont know wat kind of facial product tat i should bring n use there...

I'm superb worry tat i  will be fat hot chick wen i'm bac here!

I'm superb worry tat i  will faint when i'm working since my stamina is superb low!


Anyway...bro always said tat i should enjoy the every minute tat i have now!

so! i'm not gonna complain everything right now, but work it out instead!

Therefore, all darlings n prettyssss, if u ever know anything tat really important for Fall & Winter season, pls let me know here k? plsplspls

For te fat hot chick part, no doubt tat i;m already a fat chick now! hahaha

so, work out!!!!!! I've started my workout for 2 dayssss! only :((( today will be another day!

My stamina seems to be better day by day! hopefully it will be better n last longer!~

*Ignore my fat thights WTF =.="*

Another picture of me with center parting!

These photos r from Bear's Facebook!

I havent ready to publish this look yet! but he's ready! FML =.=""

Between, i try to be as casual as i can recently!

Sick of all the colorful things...let's get a break n restart it again!


his noob photo taken by me!!!! haaha

H.O.P.E =.="""

My lovely bro wen the real bro is not here!

Thank you for the farewell dinner!!!

gonna miss u n bro much!!!! :((( *CRY*******






Pending Post :

Taiwan Trip Last 2 days - Punch me!

Full House Friendship Gathering


Everything will only be updated after this Saturday, which is tmw! =.=""

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  • bee
  • u look sexy with middle parting~~~
    like like~
  • haha lolzlz! tis word never exists before in my dictionaRY! haha anyway...thx nehxx!~

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/13 15:06 回覆

  • JanP
  • like your new image! mature 有气质~ :D
    wow work & travel~ one of my dream but it's quite hard for me to do it now cuz I'm working and no companion eh >.<
  • hehe thx gal!
    ohya..this program only open for students..therefore, this is the last chance for us to go! lolzz
    after tat will not be able to participate in such program le :(

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/13 22:21 回覆

  • June
  • i think you look great with middle parting. especially the first pic. i love it =)
    can i ask where you get your shoes(oxford pumps?)
  • thx gal~
    its not an oxford pumps dear..its just a normal baby flat...
    its from Taiwan :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/16 01:16 回覆

  • winnaa
  • you look great in this hairstyle :)
    i wish i could have different type of fringe but my face doesn't allow :(
    anyway, really nice fringe! you have the temperament :D
  • thx gal! its kinda hard for me to have a lot of different hair style too~ still thinking whether to trim it or not~

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/16 01:17 回覆

  • ey3ng
  • how many months u can stay there by holding the visa? im currently holding working holiday visa to nz too. it is somewhere i would never regret to go ! :) here is winter now. rmb, Moisturizer is the most important thing in winter. of course dun forget ur jacket to keep u warm. :D
  • i can only work for 3 months n holiday for 1 month..so its 4 months in total...
    ya..ive heard lotsa ppl talk about moisturizer..but i dont know which brand tat i should use..=.=" lolzz haha
    n thx! i will surely bring more stockings n jackets ter! cx i always feel cold even in Malaysia =.="" hahah thx for ur advice anyway! hugsss!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/17 15:47 回覆