I'm accompanying my cousin sister for her guitar lesson...

n i saw this little super cute baby, whom i tot should be younger than 1 years old..walking towards me..

She's really cute n i was told by the mother tat they r from Korea!!!!

Yes! she looks dfinately like a korea baby! Shine like a star!

but sadly i didnt bring my cam here..not to say tat my phone's camera sucks =.="

ok, so, just forget about it ba~

n after a while, i saw the baby's sister, carrying a super small violin, approaching her mom with tears!

obviously, she didnt like it...

she walked to me  after tat...

point to my laptop n said, " Hey, Tat's Mickey Computer! " (using her perfect prnounced englsih)

n i asked her..y u cry? do u like violin?

NO! she said, shaking her head with the face full with tears...

This reminded me the days where my mom first brought me to the piano class....

I cried...yelling for mom all the time...cz i dont like it..

So, mom stopped my piano class n brought me to Ballet class instead..

Tat's where my dancing life gets started..

Still remember, at the very first moment when i saw the gals dancing in their leotard...i told my mom..

"Mom, i love dancing..but i dont want to wear like them!* hugging my mom like a shy baby...

So, i started my ballet class after that..

We have only one class per week..

Mom brought me a leotard, skirt, soft point shoe and a pair of character shoe~

We changed our costume every grades~

We have to travel all the way to Penang Island for our ballet exam..

n tat's where all the sweet memories begin with...

All of us in the class, used to share a same car every week~

Our parents take turns to fetch us go n forth..

They used to wait outside of our class...peeping us dancing through the small window...

WE used to be very scared to go there for practice cz all the classes there were taught by our principle, Ms.Grace, who is really really strict in teaching~

The other reason that we dont like there is bcz we hardly get along with the gals who danced there~

They speak in English n we speak in Mandarin...

n they used to dance better than us...


I continued my ballet until Grade 8, which is the highest grade before we go for any diploma classes or to be trained as a ballet teacher..

Still remember, when we r in Grade 6, there's a super pretty new student joining us..

She's really pretty n she can dance reallly well!

Our teacher, Ms.Teo, used to ask her to some illustration for us..

She's charming...attractive...or u can say...PERFECT!

Unfortunately..there's one day..

I received a phone call, telling me tat she just met an accident...n..

she failed to make it..for the rest of her life.

I cried..but i dont believe it!

I tried to call her house..n the answer is still the same..

She will not be here anymore..


It's really hard for me to write this..

I will still cry now everytime i think about her..

She's the most perfect person that i ever met in my life...

She had a very good bf..

They always wear Levi's 501 couple pants..

The boy always bought lotsa Eden egg tarts for her cz tat's her favourite...

n they always drive us to penang during exam period cz they r the only one tat can drive...

It's really sad..I dont understand...y cant god safe her?


It's been a long time since i went to a musical school..

I stopped my ballet class cz i need to go KL for further study~

All the memories keep popping out...

There's laughter n there's sadness as well..

Here, i saw few mothers sitting here n wait for their daughters..

Mom always do tat too..


I guess i have to stop here now...or else...this post would be super duper long! =.=""



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  • yf
  • Life is so unpredictable~ Kinda sad after reading this post... :'(
    So, treasure and appreciate what we have~
    God bless us...
  • yap! u r totally right..

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/25 00:13 回覆