2/9/2010 US, Grand Canyon 2136 ( MAS 1248 3/9/2010)

Finally!!!!! I can online again here!!!!

Life getting better here..

We are placed at the center of a jungle =.=""


not really tat kind of jungle tat full with trees!!!! but RV instead! *those big trcuks with kicthen n bedroom insdie*

I was like woahhhh woahhh n keep on woah-ing since the first day i reach here!

Some update here from the 38 me!


#1 :

The ppl here r all so kind! At first we don't know tat we have to pay for the baggage trolly! n we kept on pulling the trolly until we saw the notice! we were about to give up...n here come this American guy offering us help! n of course...we didnt accept his offer cz it's totally not worth to get a trolly for such a short distance which priced at USD 4! =.=""


#2 :

We were just out from the airport n we were supposed to catch the local buses!

We were told tat the bus station is just 2 miles away n we thought we could really make it there without taking a cab! as u know, its not cheap to take a cap here!

We dragged our luggages n walked! however, we failed! n guess wat? we met a policeman!! =.="

n the policeman took us to the bus station!!! =.=""

Anyway...the bus station is horrible!!!!!! It's full with different types of ppl out there!

u can seee any kind of ppl there..n its a lil scary!


#3 :

There is no CLOUD HERE!!!! OMG!!!!

u can see the blue sky very clearly!!!!! There is NO CLOUD HERE!!!!

I dont understand!!!!!!

n it is so beautiful espeically at the night time!!!!

The sky is full with stars!!! A million of stars!!!!!!!


To be continue....~

*Update photos tmw if possible~*


31/8/2010 MAS 0420

Hello Everyone, I'm currently at Singapore Changi Airport!

*Departing from Penang at 9.15pm n reach Changi just one hour later from the departure*

Departing soon again later to HK at 6.40 am.

I just woke up from the 3 hours sleeping n my ass just broke!

My body is way too long for the chair!!!!

My butt hanging in the air in between of 2 chairs!Hugging my passport n everything so tiedly!

n It's so cold here!!!

Will keep on update this phase once i have the connection!!!

I'm really excited for the whole trip!!!!

I ran and exercised a lot in order to boost up the stamina, tried to fold my selimut-ssss to practice the job & rejected parent's financial help(cz they already contributed almost 50% n i dont want to get more from them anymore!)

n I even bought a black pants!!!! Long pants!!!walao eh!

To the journey of independence!!!!! wish me luck!!!

YES!!! I CAN!!!!!

I even bought lantern n candles there k? haha

which means i'm getting myself ready on the socializing part!

YES!!!! I CAN!!!!!!!!!!

*Cakap besar besar nanti kalah macam mana? haha*


Check in soon for the Hong Kong Stop! Stay tune!!!!


ps: Dont worry, since i promised tat i will finish the Taiwan post i will finish it!~ Give me just a lil more time k? cz I', seriously excited to blog about the Hello Kitty restaurant!!!!!!! OMG!!! I miss then again already!!! =.=""

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  • kiM
  • so happy for you dear!! u make it so far!!! blessed journey and all the best ya!
  • khailing
  • eh... now i remember that only malaysian (and maybe singaporean) play lantern during mooncake festival. taiwanese play lantern during yuan2 xiao1 jie2. so u cannot tell americans that ALL CHINESE play lantern during mooncake fest coz it's not true. lol.

    btw, i miss you~!!
  • Ellyn
  • i'm waiting for your updates about your new journey..
    enjoy there! :)

    have a blessed journey!