See our house ikimasyo! *okla! too long didnt use my so called high standard japanese language!*

ok! my laptop is goin crazy! i can't type mandarin =.="

so let's continue it in english =.=""

This is how our house look like~

There r about 4 rooms in there~

n dont put too much expectation..cz it's small =.="""

it's just enough for both of us...

1 double decker, 1 single bed, 1 table, 2 super small wardrobe, n another small multipurpose wardrobe~ tat's all =.=""

no kicthen, no washing machine, no kettle, no rice cooker, nothing...:(

n yeah! this is our small tiny little world!!!!

it's small!!! but i love it!

n tat's wer i sit everyday waiting for bear bac from work!

*Bear's work further than me. I just need to walk around 3 minutes to work! :)*

our so called Hotel Bathroom!

Our luxury room!!!!!!!

 Mom Dad! see? dont worry! we arent sleeping together! muahahahahahaha =.=""

Our super luxury wardrobe n table!!!!!!!

It's not messy after all =.=""

n guess wat's surrounding us?

the RV! Recretional Vehicles!!!

A type of vehicle with kitchen, bedroom n bathroom inside!

I feel so *vacation* each time i saw them!

cz we r living with them!

seeing them bbq all the time!

this one high class punya! Dont play play ar!

n here's our pet!

say hi to Mr. Elk!

he is taller than me!

n i think he loves me cz he used to walk here n there while watching me cleaning all the rooms! =.="""

I'm scared ok!!!!!

he is even taller than me!!!!!!!!

his gang!!!!!

I can see them almost everday!!! even at the night time!!!!

Yesterday, we were about to reach our house!

FYI, we walked bac! n...there's no light at all due to the super eco concept!!!!

yes! NO LIGHTS!!!!

we have to walk with torch light!

however, yesterday, we gave out our heart n trusted tat the moonlight will bring us bac n guess wat?

Mr Elk waiting us with his whole family hiding under a super big dark tree!!!

NO! they r not hiding! it's just tat we didnt see them!!!!


I was like ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!=.="

anyway! our bad! we should've turn on our torch light! =.="



ok! talk about my life recentlty!

There r too many things tat happened recently!

but i'm glad tat i've gone through all of them calmly!

First, my hands hurt by the chemicals!

Then, my right back muscle strained n i can;t even walk/sit properly! I can't even band!

I cried seriously cz it's really pain!!!!

But i feel shy to go the doctor again cz i dont want ppl to think tat i'm useless or thin skin!!!

I begged my supervisor seriously to promise me tat she wont take me to the clinic..n she said NO! :(

n so, i went to the clinic..once again!

Doctor wanted me to rest for the OMG 5 days!!!!n I said NO!

I told him tat i want n need n must WORK!

So he wrote me a MC for a day off!

n ok! after the day off...I bac to work!

n guess wat? i strain my left bac!!!!

tis time...i'm fine with it! cz i know it's gonna healed wit the medicine tat i took the last time!~

so...it healed!

n now wat? i hurt my knees! WTFFFF!!!!!!

but NVM!

All of this not gonna pull me down!~

My passion to be become a housekeeper still remained!

*although i had tot of changing my job for once! seriously!*

n I'm glad tat i chose to fight instead of give up!

I know i can do it!

Housekeeping only ma!



*Wah! sibeh loud lo!*


who wants Quasidilla? Imagine Pita + Fresh Beef + Super thick Cheese!!!!!


This is my current favourite n yes! i know i will FAT in real soon!!!!!



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  • kelyn
  • hi hi, i'm just curious. why would you go to work over US? You got the job before you go? Anyway, it seems fun! I wish i can work and travel oversea at the same time. But, I guess my parents wont allow.. >.<
  • haha! tat's a great question! i'm gonna write about it soon~ :p cz there r a couple reasons tat leads to this decision~ n yeah! u r right! its fun!!!! a great experience! try to talk to ur parents n explain to them wat it is.cz parents might not allowed cz they used to thought tat its not safe :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/09/21 12:39 回覆

  • jamesgdi
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  • kokwu
  • very good experience, but the job seems tough ! I wish to go for US WAT too !
    do share more details about your job !
  • yeah! its tough! but everything will be ok once u see the paycheck! muahahahah

    Sherlyn 於 2010/09/21 12:40 回覆

  • wei shan
  • haahah sure i will! n dont worry! i have a lot of friends here! Elk~ mule deer~ mountain lion~ n a lot more!!!! its wildlife! =.="" muahahah

    Sherlyn 於 2010/09/21 12:41 回覆

  • yunli
  • 好佩服你的勇气,刻苦耐劳。。虽然辛苦但还是坚持待下去。。或许你真的感觉一切是开心的值得的。原你平安快乐的度过每一天!!!!!
  • 哈哈!还好啦!只知道。。。一定要好好享受这一切。。。因为时间真的过得很快!哈

    Sherlyn 於 2010/09/30 12:26 回覆

  • MeiFang
  • 怎么感觉你做的很辛苦似的,加油哦~
  • 可以阿!非常谢谢你哦!有空也会去你家坐坐哦!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/09/30 12:27 回覆