Hi guys...Longlonglonglonglong time no see!!!!

n...I CUT MY HAIR!!!!!!

More than 4 inches dropped! thanks to Shi Hui for helping me to cut it!

I dont know wat's the reason that brought me to this decision..

but i kinda love it!!!

see! how short it is!!!!!

I wish to cut short hair for a longlong time ago...but i dont have the leopard courage for tat!

n I was seriously boring with my long hair! n since i'm now at US n nobody's gonna laugh at me if my short hair new style fail!

so I was thinking y not have a try?

so how is it? u like it?

n yeah! tat;s my new contact tat i wanna show u for a long time ago!

it's a 14.5 mm barbie lense~ n it's super cheap!

n tat's my japanese gyaru inspired double eyelids! *parellel double eyelids~!*

real colour under sunlight~

n my hair color become more n more ash brown now!

sorry tis picture is a lil blur cz i took it in the car n my hand shakes like wat =.=""

I kinda like tis photo!!! artistic not? =.=""

n..last one! the stupidest act cute photo!!!!!

so how is it? u guys like it?

I love it!!!!! It;s been 5 years i never cut my hair short!!!!

n I keep my fringe long since last year!

I cant stop laughing right after i get this hair cut!

Imagine this hairstyle without any curling/styling!

It looks a lot like Hiong Ku! *Budak Kampung*Village kid* muahahaah


Life getting better here! n it's been 1.5 months already!!!!!

Yesterday, i was seriously stress n nervous! cz i was inspected by my manager instead of my inspector!!!!!!

n I was really happy cz she likes my job!!!!!!

U know wat..she looks kinda fierce, scary n strict sometime! especially in those job related stuff!

n it's not easy to get such praise from her!!!!

I;m seriously happy no matter wat!

n...n..n.. i like my inpector much too!

She;s just 21 years old!!!!

How shamefull i am!!!

Inspected by a gal who is younger than me!

lolzz hahaha

but anyway...she;s great!!!!!!

n i've got few great friends here!

Sharing all the joy together!

Especially the moment we share all our tips *food* eating right away after our working time!

Tmw we gonna have chocolate fondue party!

n guess wat?

I gained more than 1 kg already!

n the scale is going up! since winter is coming soon!

oh dieeee!!!!!

U guys might wont recognize me wen i got bac home!~!!!!




no eat no energy..

eat a lil bit lil bit enerygy...

eat a lot ngam ngam energy!


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  • ketty
  • Like like like ! Love your new hairstyle to the max and u look so cute with this hair ! :D
  • thank you!!!!!!! huggiesss!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/10/19 13:07 回覆

  • ketty
  • and u stick the double eyelid ? how to stick ? so nice !
  • yes! i stick all the time cz i have big small eyes! i use the pinky eyelid sticker from sasa n just stick it like tat~ lolz haha
    u have to try a lot of times than u will find the way...:p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/10/19 13:08 回覆

  • xiao xing
  • One word: cute!
    This hairstyle suits you a lot =)
  • thank you!!!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/10/19 13:18 回覆

  • Michele
  • i love ur new look~ u look great in it ^^ look like those model taking pic~ hehe.. n great job in ur hsekeeping work!!! jia you ya~ a bit more then u r off traveling !
  • thank you gal!!!! hey! remember to send me ur address!!! muahha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/10/19 13:19 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • Qreez
  • wow.. ur hair kinda short dy... looks nice :P
    u really brave to cut it so short.. haha :D
  • yes!!!! it's really really short!!!!!!! hahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/10/19 13:20 回覆

  • khailing
  • nice hair! almost like my length, but you know la i dont have all the mood to curl/style it most of the time, unlike u. keep it up hohoho~~
  • i used not more than 5 minutes to curl it nia! its really easy to style short hair! now m learnign up few new curling style for my hair!~ i miss u anyway!!! heehe

    Sherlyn 於 2010/10/19 13:21 回覆

  • 信子
  • nice haircut!!! suits u lots!

    ps remember to use lip balm alot girl =))
    send my regards to ur bear
  • thank you!!! n owh! u caught me!!!!!
    I used lip balm a lot wen i first got here..
    but not now :(
    HAd been really lazy nowadays to put on the lip balm even i know tat my lips r dry! =.="
    thanks for reminding! wakaka

    Sherlyn 於 2010/10/22 13:46 回覆

  • SHevon
  • ~I like your eye makeup....teach it in ur blog..what fake eyelashes u are using? nice...
  • thx dear!
    I didnt put a lot of make up tat day!
    It;s the power of the falsies n cosmetic lense n the eyelid stickers! =.=" muahaha lolzz
    my eyelashes r from The face shop, XL size~

    Sherlyn 於 2010/10/22 13:48 回覆

  • Yukiri
  • yay~ u also cut d ^^ so cute! looks like change to other person!! hehe~ last month i also dunno y go cut about that length. but after tat i found that that style suite me more~ can be elegant & rock~~ wuwu
  • haha cz it's in trend gal! its all over vivi n popteen in the last few months!
    I saw urs in ur blog too~
    u look younger in tat hair :p pretty!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/10/22 13:49 回覆

  • Shan
  • Loving ya fake eyelashes, mind to share where you bought it?
  • the face shop, XL size! My favourite pair!:p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/10/22 13:50 回覆

  • Ketty
  • Mine also 1 big 1 small one T__T so I owes use my fringe to cover the right eye. hehe
    Then use eyelid sticker need to stick both eyes ?
  • yes! even u already have one in one eye u still have to stick both side~ to make it more natural~ unless both of ur eyelids r the same~ I mean, in parallel shape :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/10/22 14:14 回覆

  • Clara
  • wow!

    Oh what a cuteness!
    You're a doll :)
  • keeyan
  • how to style that hairr? tutorial please ^^
    that looks realli cute on ya