As the title said so....i have too much things to blog!

It's been a hectic month~ hmm hectic in terms of searching the unlimited happiness in US!

we packed up our day off with a lot of exciting programs!

we went water flooting trip, travel around a small town near grand canyon - williams, hiking down to the canyon - phantom ranch, gathering n online at our secret place...

I can't tell u how fun it is!!!!!!

n it's 25th of Dec now!!!! Thanksgiving~!!!!!!!

which also means there's only 5 days left!!!!~ n we gonna travel in the US!

OMG!!! I can;t believe time past so fast!!!!!!

ok...i know..i had been saying this like 123456 times...

but it's just too fast!!!!!!

weight gained too fast too =.=""" lolzzz


Anyway, vain pics for fun!!!!!~

oh well...i'm not gonna try this again! fail to the max =.=""

Love my purple smokey eyes!!!!!!! my first attempt on smokey eyes!

Laura mercier loose powder save me from being like a panda!

ohh...another vain one...u can;t see me~

Last one! can u see my beret anyway?


okies~ tat's all for now!


ps: Actually, i have a lot of pictures tat i wanna blog here..It's just tat i still need a lil time to get the courage to do i did not make up in most of the time! especially during all the trips tat we went this month!!!! The phantom ranch photos were like !@*(@!*(#@#&* =.="" No eyes see!

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