Aloha! Is anybody still here? muahahaah

Anyway, Some of u might already know tat grand canyon is snowing right now!I mean, for those who have my facebook~

I can;t really describe how amazing the snow is!!!!

I love it so much!!!

but not all the time =.="

cz i hardly work since my workplace is located in the middle of the jungle n which is freaking cold!

I used to get cramps all over my fingers n toes!

Finger nails cracked more often than  usual!

well, anyway, i have 2 days left only before my last day work!!!!!!


see? excited not? it's that freaking S.N.O.W!!!!!

Brunch + Lunch!~ Turkey sandwich!!! not tat yummy after having too much of it during thanksgiving!

*It's foc for whole day long during thanksgiving day!*


Next, i would like to represent u the amazing views of Grand Canyon!!!! Sit tight!!!!

walao eh! sibeh sui lo! dont playplay ar!

It's gonna be far away better in the December!!!! but sadly we're not gonna be here already!

but we'll be in New york at the end of December! n I've heard from a lot of ppl saying tat NY is gonna snow quite heavily at that time!

Hopefully we'll get to take more pictures tat time!

It's really really amazing!

we used to see snow from movies, cartoons, magazines, gift cards n etc! but i can never expect tat i will see n touch the snow myself at this point of time!

I had once almost going to give up the chance to come here for work & travel!

n I'm seriously glad tat i finally made up my mind n came here!

GC huan ying ni, wei ni kai tian pi di~ hahahahahaha

I this picture a lot!!!! like bak zhang kia!

me look like a bak zhang after all the layers n layers n layers!

*already look so bak zhang in real life anyway~ wakakak*

I this picture too! cz it's taken by me! muahaha

He throw the ice n i snap the picture! wakaka!

wah! so enjoy hor?

ok! itu saja bagi hari ini!


nanti mau pigi kawan punya rumah eat dinner!

got a big chef name da san from Thailand gonna cook for us!

walao eh!! yumyum!!!

sayonara!!!!!~miss me ya kawan-kawan, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan!~ 

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  • JanP
  • 很漂亮!!
  • 谢谢哦:p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/12/02 06:21 回覆

  • 妮妮
  • 想請問你那麼冷的天氣你下半身只穿legging嗎?可以保暖嗎?還是你穿兩層?
  • 不能~ 哈~ 我都穿2到3件~有时4件!哈

    Sherlyn 於 2010/12/02 06:22 回覆

  • kim
  • you look so cute! and ur skin so fair and smooth!!!
  • thx!!~ hehe~

    Sherlyn 於 2010/12/02 06:22 回覆

  • khailing
  • you realise or not your blog counter hit 200k already? congrats ohhhh...i remember wishing you at 50k mark when i was at taiwan. though now i know blog hits are not important to u anymore but but it's still something worth mentioned.

    and come back fast fast i miss u!
  • Ellyn
  • I guess it must be great to feel the snow! :)
    I love staying in cooling weather! but most of the time can't tahan the coolness too! Argh~so nice being in such a snowy place although it would be freaking cold~ :P
    enjoy ur tons of party there!