Deng Deng!!!!

Finally...I take my heart all out to write this post!

ok~ so....some of u might already know tat i gained like 12345678 kg / pounds ever since my USA work n travel trip started!

I never feel regret / sad on every pounds tat i gained~ Felt greatful n proud instead =.="""

However...since the journey had comes to the end....

guess i should change my focus to wat i wanna become in the future?or now maybe?

So, this is wat i wanna be for now!~

#1 Change my hair color!

#2 More n more vintage n vintage n vintages!

#3 Shred off atleast 5kg in 2 months time!

In order to make sure all these missions accomplished....I'm gonna update this phase as much as i can to keep myself on track on everything!

ya know...ppl always get lazy after all~


So, wat i have done this 2 days for my super enjoy diet plan?

see, a lot of gals feel sad/stress/depress throughout their diet plan!

cz they r not HAPPY at all!

all they can do is smell, see but not touch or eat!

There's once i had been in this stage too!

but i told myself, i'm gonna start a different one!

a happy diet plan! how does it sound?

so, Let's get started!!!!!


Breakfast! A super important meal of the day!

Eat everything i love n as much as i can!~

Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Mee Goreng, KFC...anything! anything tat i love! cz it's been 4 months i didnt touch Malaysian food!


Lunch! Kinda important meal of the day!

Eat moderately~!

Porridge with steam vege + Eggs ?


Dinner! A very not important meal of the day!

Half size porridge or oat maybe?


Yoga n dance time!

Sweat as much as u can!~ Not encourage to be more than 30 minutes since u gonna do this everyday!~



2 litres for everyday!!!!


Imagine urself as a singer / dancer / model / artist or watever u like!~ 

since it's in urself! nobody's gonna laugh at u rite?

muahaha! so dont laugh at me wei!


My target would be 5kg in 2 months!

Let's see how it works k?

 tat's all for now..

will update again wat i do n eat if i discover any new menu n the most importantly, wen i get bored with all the food! =.="""




ps: This is a diet plan tat i used n which might only be suitable for myself!I did not include fruits in my plan for this phase cz fruits always makes me feel hungry n it is not good to be too hungry or get hungrily easily!~

ps 2: Pray...pray much much tat this plan will continue n continue n continue!!!!!!

ps 3: Dont be sad even if the plan failed! cz we r human!!!! we must live happily~ :p


Gampateh everyone!!!!!!

Gampateh very much to me myself too!~

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  • huhu~ jia you jia you! dear, u sure can de!! i also wan lose 5kg.. =p
  • thx gal! gampateh too!!!! jiayoujiayou!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2011/01/08 04:36 回覆