Yes! I'm blogging again!

Really glad tat i can still blog rite now!

Always thought of shutting down my blog for a couple times! =.=""


Anyway, I really really DisneyWorld Gift Store!!!!!

There r too many stuff to buy!

Even my friends who dont really like Mickey gets crazy n shop so much there!

Tadah! Here r part of my Disney lovies!!!! n most of them r souviniers!!! =.="""

Let's get started!!!!!!!

My super cute n oh-think-too-long-before-buying bag!!!!!!!!

It's USD20 each n my budget was a lil bit tight already tat time!

I'm srsly glad tat i got it!!!!

It's my first ever CASUAL LOOKING BAG!

U know wat! I'm very into casual look these days!

USA & the Authentic Mickey mouse head pen!!!!!!! LOVIE MAXXXXX

Guess wat's this?

It's for salts n peppers!!!!!!!! So goddamn cute right!

I specially got this for Mr.Bear sis cz she gets married when we were in US!!!

Extraordinary Minnie Pencil Case n Minnie Santa socks! It's for my lil baby sis!

This pencil case is mad cute! but i forgot to take the cutest part of it!

i shall just leave it next time!~ ha sorry la~ i'm just lazyyy


I tell u wat it's freaking expensive n pretty at the same time!!!!!!

see! i told u! it look OMFG nice!!!!! I dont even sampai hati to eat it!!!!

Chef Mickey's shaped pasta!!!!

OMG! this is extremely cute isn't it?

Minnie's bake shop!!! lolzzz

here comes the 5 stars loves!

there's candies!!! OMG! there's candies at her back!!!

I gave this lil cute Mickey to my niece n guess wat?

he said : I DONT WANT! n THROW IT FAR FAR AWAY!!!! fml till the max!

cute!!! i love Minnie's shoes!

They r just too cute to resist!

OMG! I had been so excited for this whole day long!!!!

My heart beats too fast n i really scared tat i cannt cope wit it!

I'm just too mad excited today! siao~



~The End~

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  • weishan
  • oh ma goshhh! gal..there are all super special and nice!!! post moreeeee plsss! hahaha
  • hehe 谢谢你的棒场啦!muacksss!

    Sherlyn 於 2011/01/22 13:25 回覆

  • 訪客
  • Thanks for da presie I really love it!!! Thanks...
  • U're welcome dear~ glad tat u love it!~

    Sherlyn 於 2011/02/06 14:21 回覆